Pitch Type & Velocity

I put up something new today which I think is very cool. Under each pitcher page, in the very bottom table, you can now see the percentage of each type of pitch a player threw and its average velocity. These stats are available from 2005-2007 and will be updated daily when the season starts.

Some quick things to note:

-The average velocity is in parenthesis next to the % of the pitch thrown.

-The percent of any known pitch type is a percentage of only known pitch types thrown. XX is an unidentified pitch type and is taken as a percentage of all pitches thrown.

-PO are pickoff attempts and are calculated as a percentage of all pitches thrown.

A huge thanks goes out to Baseball Info Solutions for allowing me to do this. This is a work in progress and there’s more that can be done with stats like these so feel free to chime in with suggestions.

Update: I’ve removed SW (Screwball), FO (Forkball), and SI (Sinker) and moved them into SF (Split-fingered Fastball). There were just so few pitches categorized as those three, it didn’t make sense for them to have their own bucket.

FB: Fastball, CT: Cutter, CB: Curveball, SL: Slider, CH: Changeup, SF: Split-fingered Fastball, KN: Knuckleball, XX: Unidentified, PO: Pickoff Attempt

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