Pitching Win Values

Pitching Win Values (wins above replacement) are now available in the player pages. Huge thanks to Dave Cameron and Tangotiger for making the calculations pretty simple to implement.

The categories are as follows:

Starting – Runs above replacement as a starting pitcher.
Start-IP – Innings pitched as a starter.
Relieving – Runs above replacement as a reliever.
Relief-IP – Innings pitched as a reliever.
Value Runs – Starting + Relieving
Value Wins – Value Runs converted to wins.
Dollars – Value Wins converted to free agent dollars.
Salary – What the player actually earned.

Some things you should know is that these are all park and league adjusted, the calculations are based off FIP (using RA and not ERA), and the runs to wins conversion is different for each player since pitchers have a huge hand in creating their own run environment.

This will be in the leaderboards and team pages soon enough and Dave Cameron will dive into the real details later on.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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15 years ago

Is FIP really the best way to calculate past value? It’s better for future projection, but what’s the point of using it on past data?