Quick FAN Standings

I was having some fun with the FAN projections and thought it might be neat to attempt to see where the visitors here at FanGraphs have collectively ranked the teams based on the individual player projections.

Just some quick notes:

– Everything had to be scaled back considerably and evened up for playing time. Pitchers as a whole are projected at about 4 wins too high per team and batters are projected at about 6 wins too high per team. Fielding stats were the most realistic and were only about 1 win too high.

– These standings are also simply based on wins above average (calculated FanGraphs WAR style) and for the most part use the entire projected player pool. Some players with well below 0 WAR were left out and players needed at least 5 ballots to be included.

– I should also note, that I’m posting these as a launching off point for discussion and not much more.

Team       Wins
Yankees      98
Red Sox      94
Rays         92
Orioles      78
Blue Jays    71

Twins        82
White Sox    79
Tigers       78
Indians      76
Royals       73

Rangers      84
Mariners     83
Athletics    81
Angels       80

Braves       89
Phillies     84
Marlins      80
Mets         78
Nationals    72

Cardinals    88
Cubs         78
Brewers      78
Reds         77
Astros       72
Pirates      68

Rockies      87
Diamondbacks 87
Dodgers      84
Giants       80
Padres       79

And there you have it.

If anyone wants to give these a go, you can always export the FAN Projections and try it out yourself.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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Joe R
Joe R

Now we know why Vegas only thinks the Twins win 82 games; we apparently think it, too/