Statcast Stats Are Now on FanGraphs!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun publishing MLB’s Statcast data on FanGraphs!

At the moment, you can view Average Exit Velocity, Maximum Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Barrels, Barrel%, HardHit balls, and HardHit%. For specific details about these measurements and metrics, please consult MLB’s Statcast Glossary. In addition to the stats listed above, we’re also reporting Events, which are calculated batted balls determined by PA – SO – BB – HBP for batters and TBF – SO – BB – HBP for pitchers. Statcast data is available from the 2015 season onward.

These metrics are currently available on our player pages and leaderboards, and in our game logs. In addition, Average Exit Velocity will display as a column on the players’ dashboard for both batters and pitchers.

Player Pages


We hope to display additional Statcast metrics throughout the site in the future, and will announce them as they become available.

Many thanks are due to our partners at MLB and the entire MLB data team for helping to make this a reality!

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Giolito's changeup
3 years ago

The gift that keeps on giving. We are almost spoiled.

3 years ago

We are spoiled..

3 years ago

Good news everyone!

Not trying to be greedy, but I for one would love to see exit velo for fly balls and line drives added as well