The Best of FanGraphs: August 1-5, 2016

Each week, we publish north of 100 posts on our various blogs. With this post, we hope to highlight 10 to 15 of them. You can read more on it here. The links below are color coded — green for FanGraphs, brown for RotoGraphs, dark red for The Hardball Times and blue for Community Research.

The Dylan Bundy Hype Train Is Finally Boarding by August Fagerstrom
Conveniently, Bundy recorded the best start of his brief career the day after this post.

Trade Deadline 2016 Omnibus Post by Paul Swydan
To be clear: this a link to a post full of other links to other posts.

Ranking the Prospects Traded at the Deadline by Eric Longenhagen
FanGraphs’ lead prospect analyst thunders his opinion atop Mount Judgment.

KATOH Trade-Deadline Roundup: Prospects and Teams by Chris Mitchell
Mitchell applies his computer math to all the prospects traded over a very long weekend.

Meet Edwin Diaz, Your Newest Relief-Pitching Overlord by Jeff Sullivan
The very bright side of Diaz’s conversion to relief work.

Should Bryce Harper Swing and Miss More? by teddy wyman
A question, thoroughly addressed, by a member of the Public.

The Change: Max Kepler and Statcast Power Comps by Eno Sarris
This post also features a lesson in elementary German, allowing the reader to expand his or her horizons.

MASH Report (8/4/16): End Of An Era by Jeff Zimmerman
An announcement regarding RotoGraphs’ injury coverage.

New FanGraphs T-Shirts and Apparel! by Paul Swydan
Finally, an opportunity to purchase clothing from a collection of people known specifically for their progressive fashion instincts.

The Five Best Buys of the Trade Deadline by Dave Cameron
Cameron climbs Mount Judgment, descends it, and presents the stone tablet he found there.

A Brief History of Juiced Ball Conspiracies by Jack Moore
Is actually just A Brief History of Time, except with some words swapped out.

Prospect Stock Watch: Kopech, Alvarez, Montas by Marc Hulet
Michael Kopech is the Boston minor leaguer who recently hit 105 mph in a Carolina League start.

The “Not a Clayton Kershaw Comparison” Comparison by Corinne Landrey
Or, in French: “Ceci n’est pas Clayton Kershaw.”

Carson Cistulli has published a book of aphorisms called Spirited Ejaculations of a New Enthusiast.

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