The Best of FanGraphs: January 22-26, 2018

Each week, we publish in the neighborhood of 75 articles across our various blogs. With this post, we hope to highlight 10 to 15 of them. You can read more on it here. The links below are color coded — green for FanGraphs, brown for RotoGraphs, dark red for The Hardball Times and blue for Community Research.

MONDAY, 1/22
Here Are the Complete Team Ownership Ratings, by Jeff Sullivan
To kick off the week, Jeff released his official team ownership ratings as voted on by you, the reader. Let’s look at the results.

Players Don’t Become Terrible at 30, by Craig Edwards
The time is now to dispell the narrative around the 30-year-old player. It is possible to be thirty and thriving, but don’t just take Vogue’s word for it.

The Depreciating Randal Grichuk, by Jeff Sullivan
An era in which pop lurks in even the most surprising packages depreciates the worth of a player whose value relies on a single pillar of power.

What Jack Flaherty Has in Common with Clayton Kershaw, by Eno Sarris
This rookie has a slider that can hang with the best of them, but his development might involve addition by subtraction.

The Cubs Still Need Yu Darvish, by Craig Edwards
What do you get the team who has had it all? One of the best players among the many left in the free agent market, of course.

Yet Another Eric Hosmer Red Flag, by David Palardy
The free agent first baseman’s contact quality does not match up with his power numbers. Bury him in red flags.

Let’s Find a Home for Mike Moustakas, by Travis Sawchick
Housing a moose is probably never easy. In a less-than-player-friendly market, the difficult task is further complicated.

Seven Prospect Arms for 2018, by Paul Sporer
It took me two hours after reading this article to figure out why I had Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes stuck in my head. Worth it, though.

Miguel Cabrera vs Comerica Park, by Andrew Perpetua
In a fued between a professional baseball player and a professional baseball venue that rivals even the fiercest of bad reality tv drama, Andrew looks closer at one of our fighters.

The Asahi Baseball Club: Vancouver Baseball’s Past, Present and Future, by Rachael McDaniel
An excerpt: “Then, the war. On Feb. 25, 1942, the Canadian government announced that all Japanese Canadians would be imprisoned in work camps far from the coast for the duration. Their homes and businesses and possessions would be seized, becoming the property of the state. It was for the safety of all Canadians, the Justice minister said. Because, under the War Measures Act, Japanese Canadians—even those whose families had been in Canada from the very beginning—were no longer Canadians. They were ‘enemy aliens.’

The Asahis never won another championship. They never played another game.”

The Hardball Times 2018 Baseball Annual
The Hardball Times Baseball Annual is here, offering baseball commentary, analysis, and history. For the first time, the annual includes works of fiction and is available for reading online.

The Brewers Are Here, by Jeff Sullivan
The Brewers might singlehandedly carry this offseason to its conclusion. The Milwaukee team has arrived, and they are going for it. Please queue up Ciara’s 1,2 Step.

FRIDAY, 1/26
The Giants Should Stop Prioritizing Outfield Help, by Stephen Loftus
The Giants are focused on patching up a hole on their storm-damaged ship. But, the hole they’re focusing on might not be the most important one.

Scouting Lewis Brinson and the Rest of the Yelich Return, by Eric Longenhagen
If the Marlins are a flaming truck barreling down the road, Christian Yelich is the most recent tire to be sent flying off. Here is a look at the players who got stuck on in return.

Rebuilding Teams Should Call the Royals on Raul Mondesi, by Eric Longenhagen
A prospect with raw talent but evident issues who has fallen out of grace with his team might just need a new one to come put on the glass slipper.

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