The Best of FanGraphs: September 14-18, 2015

Each week, we publish north of 100 posts on our various blogs. With this post, we hope to highlight 10 to 15 of them. You can read more on it here. The links below are color coded — green for FanGraphs, brown for RotoGraphs, dark red for The Hardball Times, orange for TechGraphs and blue for Community Research.

A Few Thoughts On Evaluations, by Dave Cameron
This post comes first in this week’s sequence of posts. That must mean it’s the best?

But Wait, There’s More!…Guys Who Can Help You Win, by Scott Strandberg
Is Michael Conforto really on the wire in your league? That ain’t right.

Analyzing the Strike Zone as a Three-Dimensional Volume, by Eric Lang
Backdoor strikes are often not called.

The Xander Bogaerts Overhaul, by Jeff Sullivan
cool. cool cool cool

Towards an Objective Measure of Hanging Pitches, by Eno Sarris
In which Eno gives away the subject of his upcoming THT Annual piece, much to the delight of the book’s editor, I’m sure.

I Smell a Rougned Odor, by Mike Podhorzer
He’s not perfect, but he has come on in a big way.

What’s a Most Valuable Player?, by Dave Studeman
Studes drops by to drop the mic.

On the Fairness of the PITCHf/x Box Being Shown on TV, by David G.Temple
Are the players at more of a disadvantage than the fans?

Stop Thinking Like a GM; Start Thinking Like a Player, by Matt Corbett
Really great piece by Matt here.

The Catcher Is Watching You, by Eno Sarris
It’s not just a dream.

Other Cespedes-Like Runs in 2015, by Craig Edwards
As Craig says, baseball is filled with great players doing amazing things.

Introducing A New Award, Sort of, by David Wiers
Here’s hoping the “Sigh, young” becomes an annual tradition.

Scott’s Miscellany – Matt Harvey and High-Stress Pitches, by Scott Spratt
Not to be outdone by Yoenis Cespedes, here are not one…

Why IP Is a Poor Indicator, by Colin Charles
…but two posts inspired by Matt Harvey.

Edgar Martinez on Hitting, by David Laurila
Just read it.

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