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Rooster Mike
Rooster Mike


Looking forward to today’s chat on the eve of our AL auction. I will try not to exceed my quota of questions and understand if you only address 1 or 2.

1. With TEX set at SS with Andrus for years to come, where do you see Profar ultimately playing if he makes it to the show?

2. How would you classify Ranuado’s “stuff” in terms of SP2, 3 or 4 and is it ealistic to see him as member of Bosox 2012 rotation?

3. Given SEA weakness at SS and assuming he continues to develop as expected in 2011, do you think Franklin is opening day SS in 2012?

4. Neither Kalish nor Wegarlz make your Top 100 even though both appear closer to being MLB ready. Is that largely due to age and not yet having broken into a MLB role with their clubs?

5. Considering how bad KC’s starting staff is, how many of the KC pitchers on your top 100 log at least 100 IPs with the MLB club this year and which ones?

Thanks for your insights.

Rooster Mike