Top Prospects of the Coastal Plain Lg. by the Numbers

A map of the Coastal Plain League.

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With August very much here, the nation’s collegiate summer leagues — many of which have probably hosted at least one future major leaguer — are coming to an end.

Below are the players to have performed most ably in this year’s edition of the Coastal Plain League. Offensive production (represented as the totally made-up SCOUT+, where 100 is league average and above 100 is above average) is essentially a version of wRC+, except using the three main defense-independent inputs (home-run, walk, and strikeout rate), all regressed duly*. Pitching performance (represented by the also entirely made-up SCOUT-, where 100 is league average and below 100 represents above-average run prevention) is calculated using a version of kwERA, with regressed strikeout and walk rates as the relevant inputs.

*By the method outlined here.

The idea here is not to suggest that the following players are/were the actual best prospects from the Coastal Plain League this summer. Outlets like Baseball America and Perfect Game will certainly do a much better job of that. Rather, it’s to (a) represent as accurately and responsibly as possible the best performances of the Coastal Plain League season and to (b) acquaint ourselves with those top performers.

Here are the top hitters from this year’s Coastal Plain League, as determined by the methodology explained above. Positions are those listed by team. Click on a player’s name for more information.

Player Team POS PA xHR% xBB% xK% SCOUT+
Jake Stone MAR 1B/3B 152 1.4% 15.4% 7.2% 145
Tyler White GAS C/IF 230 1.9% 12.6% 7.0% 142
Joshua Miller COL C 195 1.0% 13.3% 4.6% 138
Graham Saiko COL SS/2B 187 1.7% 15.2% 12.8% 136
Geoff DeGroot MHC MIF 191 0.7% 13.5% 5.8% 133
Casey Goss WLM MIF 210 0.3% 17.1% 11.4% 128
Hunter Ridge ASH 1B/OF 202 1.6% 9.9% 8.9% 127
Bryan Aanderud FOR 2B/3B 229 1.2% 11.4% 9.6% 125
Harry Slade WLS OF 223 0.6% 15.7% 12.6% 125
Jared Hammer ASH UT 232 1.2% 10.8% 9.5% 124

• The nature of offense in the Coastal Plain League differs from the one present in either the Cape Cod or Northwoods Leagues this year (i.e. the collegiate summer leagues reviewed here already). Cape Cod teams averaged 0.87 home runs per game this season; Northwoods League teams, 0.66. Meanwhile, teams of the Coastal Plain League averaged just 0.34 home runs per game.
Graham Saiko (Columbia) is not only the only player here listed as a shortstop by his team, but also one of the only players on either leaderboard affiliated with an elite baseball program — in this case South Carolina, to which school he’ll be transferring from Tallahassee (Fla.) Community College, after transferring from Oklahoma State before that.
Geoff DeGroot (Morehead City) appears to have been a true freshman this past year at UMass-Lowell, making him the only one of those things on either of the lists included here.

Player Team IP TBF xK% xBB% SCOUT-
Dale Innes GAS 40.2 173 40.0% 10.9% 37
Tyler Brunnemann FAY 22.0 88 31.6% 9.9% 59
Griffin Jones COL 33.2 139 30.7% 10.6% 64
Matt Wainman MHC 50.2 206 27.2% 7.4% 65
James Ferguson THO 19.1 80 29.2% 9.5% 65
Layne Somsen FAY 42.0 159 29.6% 9.9% 66
Stephen Richter PEN 14.2 61 30.3% 10.8% 66
James Lomangino ASH 31.2 134 28.7% 10.2% 69
Alex Caravella PET 50.0 205 27.8% 10.1% 72
Chris Thomas WLM 10.1 45 26.2% 9.8% 76

• While listed as a student at UNC-Pembroke, Dale Innes (Gastonia) actually played each of the last two springs with Walters State Community College (Ga.), where he enrolled after leaving Clemson during his freshman year. Innes, according to an internet commenter who has little reason to lie about such a thing, topped 90 mph in high school.
Stephen Richter makes the leaderboard with just 14.2 innings on the strength of a raw strikeout rate of 47.9%. He appears likely to close for the University of Delware this next college season.
Chris Thomas (Wilmington), who pitched for four years at Lander University and was the 2012 Peach Belt Conference Pitcher of the Year, was signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks at the beginning of July. Here’s the 22-year-old’s line between Rookie and Low-A ball: 14.2 IP, 18 K, 8 BB, 0 HR.

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10 years ago

I’d love to see an analysis done on the Alaska Baseball League, which has probably played host to more soon-to-be Major Leaguers than just about any other amateur league.