Want To Write For FanGraphs?

From time to time, we get asked how one goes about getting a job writing for FanGraphs? Well, here’s your chance – email wanted@fangraphs.com and apply for a position. With FanGraphs, RotoGraphs, and now the new NotGraphs blog, we have a variety of different outlets and are always looking for good people to contribute.

These are paid, part-time positions. If you wish to apply, please make sure you meet the following criteria:

1. You can write in a clear, concise manner.
2. You are familiar with the stats here on the site
3. You have analytical skills and can apply them in your writing.
4. You are available to write on a regular schedule.

In the subject of your application email, put the name of the blog (FanGraphs, RotoGraphs, or NotGraphs) that you feel best suits your skills. In the email itself, please give a brief rundown of why you’d like to write for the site, along with links to samples of work that you feel represents what you bring to the table.

Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.

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Should the samples relate to baseball or just an example of excellent analytical writing on any subject?