Year over (1/2)Year UZR Figures

Nearly half way through the season, I thought I would check in on the defensive numbers once more. This time, I took the team totals from 2008 and so far through 2009 and going by UZR per inning, rank the teams in order from most improved to least.

Fair warning, a half season worth of UZR data is not that big of a sample size in which to draw good conclusions from. That being said, it is a fun little exercise. THe numbers below are differences in UZR, projected out to a full seasons worth of 2009.

Tigers 97.9
Pirates 89.8
Reds 89.7
Rangers 84.7
Seattle 69.6
Dodgers 58.7
Dbacks 53.2
Yankees 28.2
Brewers 25.3
Giants 23.1
Rockies 6.9
Angels 5.5
Padres 2.7
Chi(A) 1.0
Chi(N) -2.6
Twins -6.6
Rays -10.0
StLouis -24.3
Braves -28.3
Toronto -28.5
Marlins -31.0
Oakland -31.9
Orioles -40.7
Royals -44.7
Astros -46.1
Indians -51.0
Philly -57.7
Mets -70.1
RedSox -80.3
Wash -81.7

The Nationals have boasted a better than average line up and pitching that is not too terrible. Wonder why they are on pace to add Bryce Harper to Stephen Strasburg next June? Defense. Conversely, improved defense is playing a key role in helping the Rangers and Mariners hang around in the AL West and it is giving the Tigers a lead in the AL Central.

Keep in mind that these are just differences from 2008. The Rays are ten runs worse than they were last year, but they were tops in 2008 and are so far remaining atop the league in 2009 as well.

Matthew Carruth is a software engineer who has been fascinated with baseball statistics since age five. When not dissecting baseball, he is watching hockey or playing soccer.

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13 years ago

Basically the injury of Aki and Bartlett have caused that little disturbance in there UZR.