2009 Awards

Okay, so thanks to the Twins and Tigers, the 2009 regular season isn’t quite over yet, but everyone else is either getting ready for the playoffs or 2010. So, as we put the first 2,430 games to rest, let’s reward some players for their accomplishments. Note – these awards purposely renamed because I don’t particularly care about the BBWAA votes, and don’t want to get into the usual arguments surrounding those.

Best Pitcher, American League:

Zack Greinke. Do I really have to say much here? +9.3 wins from a pitcher. Just ridiculous. Congratulations on a great year, kid.

Best Pitcher, National League:

Tim Lincecum. With all due respect to the Cardinals duo, it’s Lincecum. More quantity than Carpenter and more quality than Wainwright.

Best Player, American League:

Joe Mauer. One of the great catcher seasons of all time. Might make the playoffs with a group of teammates that wouldn’t finish over .500 without him.

Best Player, National League:

Albert Pujols. The best player in the game is also the most consistent. Truly, one of the greatest hitters of all time.

Best Rookie, American League:

Brett Anderson. A legitimate front-of-the-rotation starter who does everything well. One of the best young lefties we’ve seen in years.

Best Rookie, National League:

Andrew McCutchen. Hits for contact and power, draws walks, steals bsaes, and plays a solid center field. Not just a good rookie – he’s already a really good player.

Best Manager, American League:

Don Wakamatsu. Took over a team in turmoil, made them like each other, and won 85 games in the process.

Best Manager, National League:

Jim Tracy, I guess, if I have to pick someone. Not a very impressive group.

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Kevin S.
12 years ago

Wasn’t going to argue with any of these, then saw you put Wakamatsu down. Homer*.

*kidding, of course