A Quick Update On My Health

I probably won’t make this a regular thing, but so many of you have been so remarkably supportive since I was diagnosed with leukemia that I didn’t want to keep you all out of the loop as we moved down the path. I’ve now been in the hospital a little over two weeks, and have completed my first round of chemotherapy.

To determine how effective the chemo was, they performed a bone marrow biopsy on me earlier in the week. The results of that test are in – I officially have no more leukemia in my body. The doctors won’t say I’m in remission until they discharge me from the hospital in a week or two, but given that I’m currently cancer-free, I’m happy to use that term, even if it is technically a little premature.

This doesn’t end my journey, as I’m still going to be in for three more rounds of “consolidation chemo” over the next few months, and will be in and out of the hospital for most of the rest of 2011. Remission isn’t the same thing as cured – the goal is to keep this thing from ever coming back. However, it’s a great first step.

And, because we’re FanGraphs (and with a huge hat tip to Mr. Cistulli), here’s the WPA chart.

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12 years ago
Reply to  Nephtuli

So you got a little help from the dude in the white shirt waaaay out there beyond the center field wall. Then Leukemia started complaining about it when your 3/4 hitters, Cy Terabine and Daun O. Rubicin (your Bautista/Lind, as it were), started crankin’ homers outta the park. That’s loser talk. Whatever it takes to win, you know?