Baseball Chat Transcript – Jason Collette

Jason Collette: Chat will begin at 11:30 ET — opening up now to get some questions in the queue

Comment From Graham
Do you think Danny Duffy gets a spot in the Royals rotation anytime soon?

    Jason Collette: Not unless they waive the white flag on the season and trade Shields, or someone gets hurt. They’re not going to demote guys they just signed this offseason and Ventura sticks in. Their main problem is the abyss that is Billy Butler’s stat line right now. Yikes 

Comment From Quinton McCracken
Can you justify Josh Lueke’s roster spot for the Rays? Unless there is a compelling options-related reason or some explanation beyond that, I just can’t see it.

    Jason Collette: I would rather see Brad Boxberger in the spot. Boxberger has passed the eye test as a MLB reliever and has swing and miss stuff. Lueke is a low-leverage type, but the Rays have always been hesitant to give away any pitching asset. 

Comment From Pale Hose
I’m going to Progressive and PNC for the first time next week. Any suggestions?

    Jason Collette: 2 of the 8 parks I have not yet visited. I would say you need to go to the Great Lakes Brew House while in Cleveland; it’s not near the park but it is still very much worth the trip. 

Comment From Biff
Reasonable ROY projections for Viciedo? 10-team mixed worthy?

    Jason Collette: 20 HR, .260. Barely 10 teamer 

Comment From The Cell
Anything to suggest Adam Dunn can keep it up this year?

    Jason Collette: K rate is the same, drawing more walks, but everything else is right in line with what he has done in the past except he’s not as pull happy with his batted balls. 

Comment From osund
More concerning: Masterson’s disappearing velocity, or Salazar’s inability to adjust 2nd time thru the order?

    Jason Collette: Salazar – he’s too fastball dependent and he pitches in one location with it. Up. Batters only have to time it as he’s removed the guesswork of what is coming and where it is going. 

Comment From Ron Swanson
Will BJ Upton ever regain his Tampa Bay form?

    Jason Collette: BJ’s current form is worse than your ex-wife, Tammy 

Comment From Ryan
Jace Peterson getting the call? What are the chances he catches fire and steals a starting job of some kind in SD?

    Jason Collette: Slim, unless there’s a long-term injury. 

Comment From Lions of Duda
Why isn’t ECab getting any steals? He’s hitting well, but not running and not scoring. Related – what was I thinking when I drafted the Padres MI?

    Jason Collette: He’s made 5 attempts in 49 chances where 2nd or 3rd base in front of him has been unoccupied. Last season, 49 attempts in 179 chances. The .312 OBP isn’t helping things 

Comment From Joel
Machado or Bogaerts in a keeper league? Should I drop Archie Bradley for Salazar?

    Jason Collette: Bogaerts has more fantasy upside. Salazar is more usable now because he is in the majors, but those two could trade places within two weeks. 

Comment From Tim L.
Is Joey Gallo’s early season performance what we should expect from him from now on?

    Jason Collette: No, the odds of him hitting over .280 in the bigs are .002%. The power is very real, but he’s not hitting .300 in the majors. 

Comment From Frank
Will Wil Myers turn it around?

    Jason Collette: It’s up to him. Lower half of his swing mechanics haven’t looked good

Comment From Nick Swisher
What the hell is wrong with me right now?

    Jason Collette: Dude, I don’t know, bro. It’s been. like, a weird vibe bro. You’re striking out a bit more because you’re chasing more pitches, but you make more contact when you do swing this year than you did last year. Keep swinging, bro, some of those flyballs will find the seats. 

Comment From Madison Avenue
Any reason to worry about Bumgarner? Last three starts have been kinda icky. All BABIP bad luck or is there an issue?

    Jason Collette: His strikeout rate last season was 24.8% – it’s 24.4% now. His walk rate this season is lower, he is getting more swings and misses, throwing more strikes…all of these things work for me. 

Comment From Fantasy Guru
Hi Jason. I’m in an 11-team AL-only league and I’ve been offered Wil Myers for my David Ortiz. Myers is cheap enough that I could keep him for the next three years, but I’m very much a contender this year so winning is my only objective. Would you make the deal? Thanks for your guidance!

    Jason Collette: You assume some risk in 2014 but get 3 years of reward for it. I can sign off on that. 

Comment From Ron Swanson
What would be a decent projection for the rest of the season for AJ Griffin? You think he is headed for surgery?

    Jason Collette: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 0 starts 

Comment From American League Hustle
Hey Jason. Thanks as always for doing the chat. What do you make of the Angels’ closing situation? I get that Frieri may lose his job, but are we really to expect Joe Smith to successfully take over? Any relievers you would target outside of Smith?

    Jason Collette: Frieri has been messy before, but this is bad. Smith went $28 in my home league FAAB last night ($100 budget) and I like him the best to step in with what is on the roster now, but he’s by no means a sure thing. 

Comment From Graham
When do you think Trevor Bauer gets called up? Would you roster him now in a 12-team, mixed?

    Jason Collette: Soon, but he’s not 12-team worthy yet. My AL Tout Wars team desperately wants him up now so I can get Chris Young out of my rotation. 

Comment From Kris
Joyce good enough as a Trumbo replacement? Also have Polanco waiting in the wings. Also – how long is too long to make Trumbo droppable?

    Jason Collette: Just put up a post on Joyce on the front page at Rotographs before the chat. If he is still available, you could do a lot worse trying to substitute for Trumbo’s power. 

Comment From AC
Just traded Swisher and Salazar for Frazier and Janssen in 12-team h2h 5×5 OBP league – needed 3B with Headley DL’d. How’d I do (assuming another 4 weeks for Janssen’s return)?

    Jason Collette: Poorly. I don’t like the Janssen situation at all. His return dates are written in pencil and there are a ton of eraser smears on his ledger already. 

Comment From Kris
Thoughts on Martin Perez? Sell high?

    Jason Collette: I’ve been surprised – I was not in his corner this offseason. Skills are holding up well to what he did last year and he’s using his fastball more often this season. Five starts in and zero homers allowed? That’s not lasting too much longer, but that 3:1 GB/FB ratio is a big deal for him. 

Comment From Jon
Jason, I need to drop one of Ozuna, Aoki or Rajai Davis (to activate Victorino). It’s a 5×5 keeper and these are all part-time players for me (starters are Stanton, Kemp, Jennings and Victorino).

    Jason Collette: Davis & Aoki are similar players but only one of them is running right now. Sayonara to Aoki 

Comment From Stephen
Is there any measure for manager WAR? Perhaps it would be WBO (wins below optimum) with poor lineup construction (BJ Upton batting 2nd, anyone?) and sac bunting (calling Ron Washington) examples of manager decisions which are considered sub-optimal?

    Jason Collette: If there is, Ronny W is at the bottom of the list. I saw Scott Pianowski tweet earlier that Rangers lead the league in intentional passes and sac bunts. Ugh 

Comment From J
Hey Jason, would you rather have Bauer or Keuchel rest of season? Thanks!

    Jason Collette: Bauer on talent, Keuchel on usability right now 

Comment From Graham
Would you pick up Jim Henderson off the waivers?

    Jason Collette: Certainly 

Comment From Kay
I’ve got Alexei Ramirez and JJ Hardy at SS. Sell high on Ramirez and hope Hardy bounces back? Or is Ramirez the real deal?

    Jason Collette: Believe in the Cuban Missile. This is continued growth from last season. 

Comment From Ted
Start Ubaldo tonight against KC? How about Hudson against Cleveland?

    Jason Collette: I’d start anyone against KC right now – they’re not a power threat. 

Comment From Benji
Would you consider Stras a disappointment considering he got hyped up on what Kershaw should be doing

    Jason Collette: I’m only disappointed in his inconsistency so far. 

Comment From ProfGingerBeard
Hoping to find the next Jose Fernandez in my NL-only league (prospect pitcher I can pluck off the waiver wire, Bradley already scooped up) Heaney, Wisler, Gray, Butler…Who has most impact this season?

    Jason Collette: Go get Gray 

Comment From Lenard
Just traded Alfredo Simon and Joe Smith for Alex Gordon. With the open roster sport, should I pick up Heaney or Bauer?

    Jason Collette: Pick up Bauer 

Comment From Sympathy for the Devil Rays
How do you feel about Dave Cameron blasting the Rays stadium on a podcast when he’s never even been there? Is it really that bad?

    Jason Collette: No, it isn’t. I know a few national beat writers that love coming there. It is always 72 degrees, and there are no rainouts. The new porch in center and 360 walk way in the stadium are huge improvements. My only complaint with the place is location – but it is a problem anywhere in the market. It took me nearly an hour to get back over the water yesterday to the Tampa side of the bay after the day game that ended at 4:52. If they put a stadium in downtown Tampa, the folks in Pinellas County are basically screwed because rush hour traffic on a non-game day to get across the Gandy or the Howard-Frankland to Tampa is already terrible. Add gameday traffic and that makes it even worse. I’ll take a game in Tropicana any day over something at Fenway or Wrigley in those cramped seats. I’m tall – I need my leg room . 

Comment From Benji
Why are the Nats overrated by writers and analyst every year. Is it possible the 2012 run was a fluke?

    Jason Collette: That team looked great on paper to start the season. 97 wins is a very high bar for them to meet, but I thought they were the best team in the division coming into the season. Fister has yet to make an appearance, Zimmerman is hurt and had his issues in the field, and losing Ramos (again) is awful. 

Comment From Rufus T. Firefly
Indians’ broadcasters talked about how young Yan Gomes is and that maybe Danny Salazar would be helped by a more experienced catcher. You buy it?

    Jason Collette: I don’t, unless they were saying the same thing last year when Salazar was doing very well and Gomes caught nearly all of his games. 

Comment From Matt
Too early to put Sonny Gray into the Cy Young conversation?

    Jason Collette: The 2.25 ERA and 1.34 WHIP do not mesh at all. He needs to cut down on the walks before the HR/FB catches up with him. As far as CY conversation, see my comment at 1:37 

Comment From Mike
What’s going on with Danny Salazar?

    Jason Collette: On Wednesday, Paul Sporer & I interviewed Jensen Lewis who does pre & post game work with Cleveland. He had a lot of great insight as to what is wrong. I also wrote about Salazar’s struggles over at Rotowire. 

Comment From Snid
re:Joyce Why wouldn’t a player continue something that works?

    Jason Collette: I know, right? I’m not sure what has caused him to stop doing it in the past, but there has been times where he uses all fields and then falls back into rolling over on pitches on the outer half and hitting everything to the right side. 

Comment From Rated Rookie
Probably foolish to hope to see Polanco in Pittsburgh before June, isn’t it?

    Jason Collette: Correct. All mighty dollar rules all 

Comment From Larry David
How confident are you that Tanaka keeps this up this level of pitching for years to come? OK maybe not quite THIS level, but something close to it.

    Jason Collette: As long as he can get ahead of batter and force them to protect against that splitter, he’s going to be great. If he falls behind, he’s nearly 70% fastballs so that’s how you can get to him. The problem is,he’s throwing first pitch strikes 67% of the time. 

Comment From Greg
How much weight do you give the increased Ks overall in MLB to the increased emphasis on OBP? Meaning batters are running deeper counts putting them in a better position to both K and BB?

    Jason Collette: Eno has written about it where the first pitch strike% is up in the league but the swing rates on first pitches is not tracking at the same rate. That’s why I like what Milwaukee is doing right now – if you see strikes early, go for it. 

Comment From Confus-ed
I’m sitting on an offer of Fielder for my Kimbrel (straight up). It’s a keeper league and Fielder would have to be let go at the end of the year, but Kimbrel has two more years of control. Take the trade?

    Jason Collette: In a keeper league view, yes. In a 2014 only view, no. 

Comment From hooha
Is Duda a decent replacement for Trumbo? When do you think Trumbo will be back?

    Jason Collette: Anyone that can hit for power is a replacement for Trumbo right now. I am not a doctor, but I never take the 1st guestimate that is given when a player is out. I’ve heard 4 weeks, but if he plays before June 1st, I’ll be surprised. 

Comment From Spindle
Should a manager sit a high OBP guy like Choo against same-handed pitching in favor of a lesser hitter who has a platoon advantage? In other words, when does low ceiling trump high floor?

    Jason Collette: There is something to be said about keeping some guys on the bench fresh. You have to find a way to get those guys in the lineup and pick your times when to do so. Getting Choice in over Choo makes sense under that lens. 

Comment From Doug
Where will Mesoraco rank offensively among NL catchers at the end of the season?

    Jason Collette: Top 5. He’s going to hit 20 bombs and not look like JP Arencibia doing it. 

Comment From Guest
Just wanted to comment that the article on Myers is FANTASTIC, why can’t we e-mail or send some of these photos over to teams?

    Jason Collette: Thanks — the teams all see that same stuff. I’m not showing anything in that article that the teams haven’t shown the player. What I see in watching Myers right now is a guy that is looking to crush stuff on the middle half and is leaving himself open to stuff away that he can’t cover because he’s already pulled his hips through on his swing. If you make a mistake middle in, he’s going to hit it very hard, but if you hit your spots in and then go away, you can get him out. 

Comment From jocephus
over/under: cards hitting more than 100 homeruns this season

    Jason Collette: KC + STL have 21 homers between them this season. The Show Me Some F’n Power Already State! 

Comment From Andrelton Simmons
Why am I not leading off?

    Jason Collette: You still have a .308 OBP. You’re not Billy Hamilton. 

Comment From inquiring mind
Do you think Machado will really move to SS to replace Hardy?

    Jason Collette: Yes, make the most of his premier defensive abilities. 

Comment From I dont wanna be a Pirate!
Coco Crisp – BB rate increasing dramatically, can he keep up a 15% BB rate the rest of the season?

    Jason Collette: Old guys get more selective, so it is possible. That will decline somewhat as Seattle and Texas get their better pitchers in the fold as I’m sure that has been a factor. 

Comment From Matt
What’s Freddie Freeman’s ceiling? First round guy in fantasy?

    Jason Collette: The way he looks now, if we were drafting in a 15 team mixed league for 2015, he’s not making it out of the 1st round. 

Comment From Jon
Is Cueto the epitome of sell-high or is this sustainable?

    Jason Collette: .140 batting averages aren’t sustainable, but your trade partners are going to know this too. Enjoy the ride. 

Comment From Bo
Carlos Santana… Will he turn things around at all? Or is this the norm?

    Jason Collette: He’s had issues with slow starts in the past, but this is awful. Not hitting balls very hard, but is still selective with as many walks as he has strikeouts. 

Comment From Jake
The Red Sox have a roughly equal chance of making the playoffs (48.8%) as any one of HOU(.1)+MIN(1.0)+CHC(1.5)+ARI(2.6)+NYM(5)+CHW(5.2)+FLM(6.2)+SEA(11.9)+PHI(13.7)=47.2. Fun fact, eh? Throw in BAL (14.2) and the Padres (16.6), and you get 78%, roughly the odds on the Dodgers, 80.8%

    Jason Collette: Boston does not look good right now, but playing without Victorino has not helped. He’s back, and Nava’s ugly numbers are out of the lineup. The East doesn’t look as beastly as it has in the past, and if Baltimore’s offense can continue looking this good (Cruz & Wieters – wow), they may be able to overcome their pitching issues. 

Comment From Leon
Marte’s K rate alarming? What to expect ROS.

    Jason Collette: He is chasing fewer pitches this season, swinging less, but swinging and missing more. I’d be more worried if he were having these struggles due to strike zone expansion. 

Comment From Jayce
Re Machado: Where is his stock at now that it looks like his return date is set? Are you buying, selling or holding?

    Jason Collette: We haven’t seen him in the field of play yet to know what he is going to do. If you ask me for a ROS line assuming he returns in 10 days, give me .270 with 12 homers and 60 driven in 

Comment From Washington Irving
What divisional pre-season predictions of yours have changed thus far in the season?

    Jason Collette: Tampa Bay winning the east – not going to happen with the amount of pitching they’ve lost already and having to go 5 more weeks with Bedard & Ramos around. Nationals as well due to the injuries. Feel good about the rest. 

Comment From quinceleather
i know plenty of people think kazmir is a sell-high guy, but so far he looks pretty amazing. am i missing something?

    Jason Collette: Guy is pitching great baseball. I have 3 shares of him and have zero interest in trading him. 

Comment From RickyD
In a keeper league is Braun ($$$$) for Springer ($)doable?

    Jason Collette: You can do better than this 

Comment From Mike
12 team keeper – Carlos Gomez or Sonny Gray and Chris Archer

    Jason Collette: Gomez – he’s a 1st round talent. 

Comment From Brad Miller
Am I just pressing or are there real issues here to worry about?

    Jason Collette: I thought Brad Johnson’s piece on you the other day was a good one. Stop expanding your strike zone before it takes you to Tacoma. 

Comment From Pop
For anyone that didn’t see it……

Comment From Joe T
You think Alex Wood keeps this up? Should I sell high?

    Jason Collette: He looks very good – whatever voodoo magic is happening in Atlanta is amazing. Aaron Harang is going to pull a Jack Armstrong off this season 

Comment From RotoLando
Are The Red Sox just asking for trouble with this pine tar incident? Is greaseball Buccholz going to be suspiciously clean the next time he takes the mound?

    Jason Collette: Took some cajones to do that, but it was so obvious what was happening that fans in the crowd were talking on their phone and yelling into the dugout while pointing at their neck. Given what Buchholz and Lester have done in the past, it does open up Pandora’s Box, but baseball needs to address this unwritten rule situation. Every team does it, but the only 2 guys caught so far were one that was aggressively stupid, and the other (Peralta) was done via inside information from his previous club. 

Comment From Braden
Need to decide on my 10th starter for this Sunday – Salazar at SF or Richards at NYY? Points league but only 1/2 point for Ks.

    Jason Collette: Dislike both matchups, but Richards in that one may not even be a five and dive one the way the Yankees work counts 

Comment From JAL
Salazar to the bench for now?

    Jason Collette: Hasn’t he killed your ratios enough already? 

Comment From Guest
Who gets bumped when Minor is back?

    Jason Collette: Hale 

Comment From JAL
Kluber, Smyly, Skaggs, Kennedy, Pineda, Beckett – rank em 12-team 5×5 ROS. Thanks!

    Jason Collette: That order there is fine with me 

Comment From Guest
Where is the Myers article?

    Jason Collette: here –… 

Comment From Kyle Gibson fan club
Any chance Gibson can be as good as his potential was supposed to be pre-Tommy John?

    Jason Collette: His ceiling is a #3, IMO. Fastball command has to improve. 

Comment From Pop
Edinson Volquez the latest Pitt reclamation success story?

    Jason Collette: Yes, I think so. Pounding the strike zone and letting the defense behind him do work. 

Comment From JAL
JC, do I start Kuroda at home v. LAA? I’m split. He’s fared well against them in the past but… Thanks.

    Jason Collette: Kuroda isn’t someone I bench unless he’s hurt. 

Comment From Another Jeff
Allen Craig or Pablo Sandoval ROS for a corner infield spot in OPS league?

    Jason Collette: Sandoval right now. Craig’s not right health wise the way he looks at the dish. 

Comment From Washington Irving
Who wins the East, then? Seems like the Braves in the NL, but the AL?

    Jason Collette: I could make a case for any team in the AL East right now. I don’t see a favorite team. 

Comment From Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Thoughts on Brandon Maurer? They are stretching him out to start games and accepting 4-5 innings. With Erasmo sent down, does he stick if he can get into the 6th?

    Jason Collette: If he handles lefties better than he has in the past, yes. Typically, teams have just stacked the lineup against him to take advantage of the splits. 

Comment From Guest
Least likely to keep this up: Hudson, Kazmir, or Cueto?

    Jason Collette: Hudson 

Comment From nick
joe mauer strikning out more this season. a result of trying to hit for more power?

    Jason Collette: Or more hit and run situations with Dozier on base who already has six steals? 

Comment From Tube
Your best guess at an ETA for Singleton?

    Jason Collette: Super 2 is the only thing in the way right now. The other control issues are out of the way. 

Comment From Larry
Best stash: Montero, Jon Gray, Syndergaard or Bundy?

    Jason Collette: Gray or Syndergaard 

Comment From Mark
fantasy purposes, Encarnacian for Harper, who do you like more?

    Jason Collette: Harper – that’s who I had ranked higher to start the season and both players are off to a bit of a slow start. 

Comment From Ike
How would you rank the buzzed-about pitchers this April: Eovaldi, Chavez, Richards, Mejia, Kluber in terms of ROS roto value?

    Jason Collette: I like Kluber and Chavez the best of the five and would want them moving forward 

Comment From Dereck Jeter
Did I shoot J.R?

    Jason Collette: Did he not like your gift basket? 

Comment From Andy
Does Nate Jones still have value in AL only? That pen is still a mess, right?

    Jason Collette: Believe in Daniel Webb 

Comment From Fodor
In an AL only, I’m offering Kazmir, Myers Kendrick and Butler for cosart nava flaherty and Miguel Cabrera? Is that offering too much, or not enough?

    Jason Collette: You’re paying a big price to get Cabrera. A big one. 

Comment From Brian
I’m looking for batter specific pitch f/x style ball/strike charts. I know they exist, but I seem to only find matchup specific charts, and not a composite chart. Any help?

    Jason Collette: I’m guessing Daren Willman at baseballsavant has it. If not, hit him up at @darenw because he’s a genius at coming up with that stuff. 

Comment From Larry David
I’ve never participated in one of your chats before. Even if this doesn’t get posted to the chat, I just wanted to say thanks. Your answers are better than others.

    Jason Collette: Thanks, I try. I tend to do rapid fire approach I see as many as 500 questions in these chats so I do my best. 

Comment From Washington Irving
A penny for your thoughts on the fate of Jeff Samardzija – what’s he worth and who gets him in July?

    Jason Collette: This is going to be a situation where there are few sellers and a lot of buyers. The Cubs should be able to get a strong return for his services and should be focusing on organizations that have minor league pitching depth (BOSTON) to target. 

Comment From quinceleather
the closer situation is just absurd. In some leagues I went closer-light and don’t have any, in others I went closer heavy and the ratios in both the replacements and the regulars are killing. how do u handle this? I am down to picking expected closers–melancon, tazawa because i am tired of the 1/3 inning, 9 whip and 27 ERA. please help.

    Jason Collette: Rule 1 – Don’t watch your closer pitch. Rule 2 – trade for closers in April when owners are bothered by them. I traded away Drew Smyly last night for Glen Perkins as my only closer was Axford. 

Comment From RotoLando
Carlos Carrasco or Brad Peacock today? Hot shower afterwards.

    Jason Collette: you may need a chemical peel after this, but go Carrasco 

Comment From Kris
Listening to sleeper and the bust while chatting with you. next level stuff

    Jason Collette: I’m listening to spotify and John Legend is singing to me about Ordinary People. 

Comment From The Goat that Curses
Whats the news on Kyuji Fujikawa? Last I heard he left the mound hurt. Any chance on him still making it back by the allstar break? And is he closing games this year with how bad the others have performed?

    Jason Collette: Yea, he left his outing on 4/14 in extended ST hurt and there’s been nothing sense. 

Comment From Washington Irving
What’s up with Pedro Alvarez? Is his BABIP extraordinarily low?

    Jason Collette: He’s pulling a lot of pitches and a .158 BABIP is absurdly low. 

Comment From Kris
When are you moving to Charlotte again? Need to hit up a Knights game!

    Jason Collette: July 1st – just got an offer on our house here in Orlando today to get that sale process under way. 2 months to go, and we hit 90 degrees for the first time today. My last summer in Florida…can’t wait to end it 

Comment From Guest
S&B podcast today?

    Jason Collette: Yes, recording at 3:30 ET today. I took my mom to the Rays game yesterday while she was in town from NC, and Erik Bedard pitched. I am the worst son in the world. 

Comment From Guest
Whats your opinion on pine tar?

    Jason Collette: Remove the gray area with the rule. If everyone is doing it, enforce it as you do the balk rule, or let guys use it. Pitchers use it to get a better grip on the ball so they get more spin with it on their breaking balls. More spin = better pitch so spare me the chat about it not being an advantage for the pitcher. Batters don’t get to do anything to help them at the plate, but pitchers can load up like that? 

Comment From Paul Wilder
14-team mixed: C. Blackmon for M. Perez-B. Lawrie?

    Jason Collette: Works for me — see Blegnino’s piece that has Lawrie in it today. 

Comment From Guest
Front runners in the Al for the Cy young?

    Jason Collette: right now? Perez & Buehrle #ycpb 

Comment From Jen
Brad Miller – think he’s still capable of .270 15/15/85r? Hope so, he’s all i gots left :(.

    Jason Collette: Stuff has to change for him to get there at this point. This slow start is really hurting those odds. I’m not cutting bait, but the fact they just sent Franklin back to AAA means the M’s are giving Miller more time. 

Comment From dave
HQ podcast suggested that finesse guys tend to do better in April and there was some research to prove it. Make sense to you? And could it explain Martin Perez?

    Jason Collette: and Vargas, and Buehrle. Maybe. I haven’t listened to that particular episode yet but knowing those guys well, I don’t question their work. 

Comment From Ed
Would ths be a good time for someone to buy low on Billy Butler or do you think he’s done? Do the Royals have an internal candidate to replace him? Could they sign Kendrys Morales?

    Jason Collette: They can’t carry Butler and Morales on the same roster and Butler isn’t tradeable the way he looks right now. 

Comment From Guest
Trade my Profar for G. Polanco?

    Jason Collette: Absolutely 

Comment From The ghost of the Dave Winfield Seagull
14 team mixed. Who do I drop first, Lincecum or Buchholz

    Jason Collette: Lincecum for me. Buchholz just needs to get through this dead arm period – that velo can’t be gone for good already. It is for Lincecum. 

Comment From Tyrion
Do you view Jose Abreu as a sell high guy?

    Jason Collette: Nope. I view him as someone to enjoy all season. .260, 30+ homers 

Comment From Ryguy
Do you think the contract Doolittle received is a precursor to move him into the closer role?

    Jason Collette: Yes, absolutely. 

Comment From Whats that Odor-izzi
Drop me for T. Wood? Bad match-up with the Brewers this weekend?

    Jason Collette: You need to improve the 2nd time through the lineup. It has been a problem for you all season and dating back to last season. That’s something else I wrote about yesterday –… 

Comment From Dan
What is Andrelton Simmons long term offensive potential? 290 20 homers?

    Jason Collette: I don’t see him hitting .290 in this run environment, but 20 bombs is possible 

Comment From Jeff B
Is it time to panic yet on Gyorko and Heyward

    Jason Collette: If you play in a league that counts K%, yes. Otherwise, still too early. 

Comment From Steve
Odds that Johnson becomes the full-time closer again in Oakland?

    Jason Collette: 60/40 

Comment From Blown Saves Make Me Cry
Do you buy the narrative that Grilli’s injury from last year has permanently damaged him? Or will we be able to trust him again soon?

    Jason Collette: He’s 38 years old. Arms only have so much in them, especially arms that have had health issues as his. 

Comment From Robin
Jose Abreu – top 5 1b? Is a 35/110/.280 line fair for him this year?

    Jason Collette: Batting average is too high for my liking, but the power numbers work for me. 

Jason Collette: That’s it for today, folks. The next podcast records later today, and Eno, Nick, and myself thank you for your continued support!

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John frm NJ

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