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Jason Collette – Baseball Chat Transcript

Last one for me, let’s make it count. Chatting from 11am until 12:30pm ET

Jason Collette: It’s been 4 years since Jose Lima passed away — I loved watching that guy on the mound

Jason Collette: No wonder it was quiet in here, I’m an idiot and posted the scripting in the “view” mode rather than in the coding mode.

Comment From Vliet
Jason – Is not a good time to sell high on Ventura or Gray and what level of position player can I expectin return?

    Jason Collette: I think that time has passed on Ventura & for Gray, just ride it out. Great team, great park, enjoy the ride 

Comment From Guest
will Fielder be ok next year? do guys lose power after the surgery?

    Jason Collette: Anything related to the back is never a good thing for a power hitter. I don’t see myself ranking him in the top 50 next year. 

Comment From PS

    Jason Collette: I’m such an idiot 

Comment From Chet Lemon
Drop T. Hunter for B. Shaw?

    Jason Collette: Tommy? Yes. His closing career is circling the drain. 

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Jason Collette – Baseball Chat Transcript

2 hours today beginning at 11am ET – and, no, I have no idea if the Rays will yank Grant Ball-four from the closer role and who they will replace him with.

Jason Collette: Has Grant Ball-four thrown a strike yet? Let’s chat

Comment From RotoLando
What are The Ray’s

   Jason Collette: A disappointing baseball team. Next question


Comment From Graham
Messed up. I’m 124.1 over for my projected IP max currently. Should I trade some pitchers or just allocate my innings better? or both?

   Jason Collette: Be more choosy about who you use moving forward. Also, don’t understand the obsession with leagues putting caps on innings. Floors – sure, but if someone wants to punt saves to max out their K’s & wins, let them.


Comment From RotoLando
What are The Rays’ problems this year? Seems like the AL East is as wide open as it has ever been, but they can’t capitalize.

   Jason Collette: Bullpen has been overtaxed because of too many five and dive outings. They have 13 quality starts as a team, which last I checked, is worst in baseball. Also lack a deep bench so they have been victimized by suboptimal matchups in key situations late. When you lose 60% of your rotation and your top pitching reserve, stuff like this happens.


Comment From RotoLando
Juan Carlos Montoya Lopez Nunez Oviedo!

   Jason Collette: Prepare to die!


Comment From Schilling and Pence
Two questions: (1) What’s your guess as to how Singleton performs when he gets up? (2) Is Kuroda a buy-low candidate, or is Kuroda done?

   Jason Collette: 1 – He’ll struggle. 2 – I’ve always been fine owning Kuroda until mid-August when he fades off


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Wade Davis, Dominant Reliever

If one were to review the data for pitchers with the highest strikeout rates in baseball (at start of play Thursday), they would rightly expect to see names like Kenley Jansen, Jose Fernandez, and Max Scherzer near the top. All three are in the top 15, but a surprising name owns the top spot on that leaderboard – Wade Davis.

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Jason Collette – Baseball Chat Transcript

Jason Collette: Good morning. I don’t know when Polanco, Pederson, Taveras, Buxton, et al are going to be recalled so please don’t ask. If it were up to me, I’d have them all in the majors right now.

Comment From Steve Z
Is Juan Francisco for real?

    Jason Collette: His power is legit, but his playing time is crowded with Lind back and Lawrie not exactly sounding happy about playing second base. Play him in matchups & anything is possible but I don’t think Milwaukee was wrong for letting him go as they did despite the short term success thus far. 

Comment From wes
Got offered Abreu for my Fielder in 10-team redraft with OPS. Should I do it?

    Jason Collette: Yes, Fielder may hit for a better average, but Abreu is going to finish with 8-10 more homers 

Comment From John
When is my favorite prospect being called up

    Jason Collette: June 31st 

Comment From Smalls
Do I keep holding onto Sandoval?

    Jason Collette: Take the round you drafted him and subtract that from 26 weeks. That’s how long you have to hold onto any player. 

Comment From Manchester Steve
Predictions on Abreu and Morneau’s stat lines to finish the year(R/HR/RBI/AVG). Thanks!

    Jason Collette: Abreu: 75/44/110/.268 ; Morneau: 66/22/82/.285 

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Joey Votto and Protection Up Front

Twice this offseason, Joey Votto has uttered a comment that goes against the baseball orthodoxy that lineup protection is best done behind the hitter. Votto believes it is done in front of him, and is best done by Billy Hamilton.

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Baseball Chat – Jason Collette

Jason Collette: Good day! You can start adding questions to the queue. Will begin answering them just before noon.

Michael F. Weber via Twitter :

  Zorilla has a message for #RedSox fans. #Rays #BeatBoston #DHSweep
Comment From I changed names!
The angels put Mike Trout on the block (hypothetically), how many teams have the chips to actually get him?

    Jason Collette: Chips & cash? One – Boston 

Comment From Rated Rookie
Better things ahead for Chris Archer? Seems like not so many strikeouts and lots of hard contact. I mean, that’s what it looks like when MLB.TV isn’t buffering.

    Jason Collette: He looked fantastic yesterday through the first 4 innings and then completely lost his release point. 

Jason Collette: Be right back – auto glass guy just showed up. Oh yea, never go to dealerships that crack your windshield while doing an oil change on your car and then say the car was like that when you brought it in.

Jason Collette: OK, sorry. Back. Let’s get rolling!

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Baseball Chat Transcript – Jason Collette

Jason Collette: Chat will begin at 11:30 ET — opening up now to get some questions in the queue

Comment From Graham
Do you think Danny Duffy gets a spot in the Royals rotation anytime soon?

    Jason Collette: Not unless they waive the white flag on the season and trade Shields, or someone gets hurt. They’re not going to demote guys they just signed this offseason and Ventura sticks in. Their main problem is the abyss that is Billy Butler’s stat line right now. Yikes 

Comment From Quinton McCracken
Can you justify Josh Lueke’s roster spot for the Rays? Unless there is a compelling options-related reason or some explanation beyond that, I just can’t see it.

    Jason Collette: I would rather see Brad Boxberger in the spot. Boxberger has passed the eye test as a MLB reliever and has swing and miss stuff. Lueke is a low-leverage type, but the Rays have always been hesitant to give away any pitching asset. 

Comment From Pale Hose
I’m going to Progressive and PNC for the first time next week. Any suggestions?

    Jason Collette: 2 of the 8 parks I have not yet visited. I would say you need to go to the Great Lakes Brew House while in Cleveland; it’s not near the park but it is still very much worth the trip. 

Comment From Biff
Reasonable ROY projections for Viciedo? 10-team mixed worthy?

    Jason Collette: 20 HR, .260. Barely 10 teamer 

Comment From The Cell
Anything to suggest Adam Dunn can keep it up this year?

    Jason Collette: K rate is the same, drawing more walks, but everything else is right in line with what he has done in the past except he’s not as pull happy with his batted balls. 

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Jason Collette – Baseball Chat Transcript

Comment From Shawn Kelley
Am I worth hanging on to after David Robertson returns?

    Jason Collette: In AL leagues, yes, you still have value 

Comment From Autodraft Problems
My autodraft left me with Andrus, Segura and A. Ramirez. Any advice on moving a surplus at one position?

    Jason Collette: Play one at utility unless you have a dire need elsewhere. 

Comment From randplaty
Are getting swinging strikes more important than getting called strikes? Should we worry about Andrew Cashner, who has an extremely low swinging strike rate this season?

    Jason Collette: Just get strikes. If the stuff is moving so much it is fooling batters and locking them up so be it. Zero concern with Cashner on my end. 

Comment From Alam
What are your thoughts on Matt Cain?

    Jason Collette: More hittable right now and all of those flyballs that never left the yard in previous years are catching up with him now. 

Comment From Guest
Arenado for Homer. What side do you like OBP, and Whip leauge

    Jason Collette: Bailey’s worst baseball is behind him. I’d be trying to buy him up everywhere I could right now. 

Comment From Tony the Tiger
Hi Jason. Thanks for doing the chat today! I have to replace Calhoun for the next six weeks, and the only half decent options available are J.B. Shuck and Daniel Nava. Who would you target of the two?

    Jason Collette: I’ll go with Nava – more upside in the bat. 

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Other Signs Of Decline

Matt Moore’s injury afforded an opportunity for his naysayers to point back to their predictions for him in 2014. Bradley Woodrum did a great job in pointing out Moore’s flaws in his Fangraphs+ player profile:

But Moore needs to improve his control and his swinging strike rate if he wants to develop into anything more than an innings eater who doesn’t eat innings. Add to the warning flags: He missed a month in elbow inflammation and his fastball slowed almost two miles per hour from 2012. On the merit of his tools alone, Moore is still worth keeping on a roster, but he has too many shortcomings at his point to expect much more than 175 innings and a league-average FIP. Whether he’ll beat his FIP or not depends on how you see his career-best .259 batting average on balls in play.

There were those issues, and there was no overlooking the fact that Moore’s velocity was in decline. However, that was not the only indicator in decline for Moore and it did not take this most recent injury to find a problem with him.

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Jason Collette – Baseball Chat Transcript

Jason Collette: ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssorry, had pinetar on my ring finger and it got stuck to the keyboard. Let’s chat

Comment From Pale Hose
What’s the deal with Drew Smyly? Is he still a starter?

    Jason Collette: Yes, schedule issues have permitted them to skip over the 5th starter and let him work long in the pen. The rain delay led to the first one, and the second one made sense because of how the schedule was at the time. First start coming here in a few days. 

Comment From Sam
How can I find swinging strike % for each of a pitcher’s individual pitches?

    Jason Collette: has the on the pitcher cards. Here is the one for Roberto Hernandez, who has the second-highest SwStr% in the league right now! 

Comment From Jeff
Which pitcher will the Mets trade for a bat?

    Jason Collette: Montero 

Comment From yojiveself
Is Morse/Cingrani a fair offer to Heyward or am I offering too much?

    Jason Collette: It’s fair. I have not been a Morse guy as I thought he looked done last year, but the early start is surprising. 

Comment From Tron
Are you sitting Eovaldi @PHI?

    Jason Collette: It isn’t a good matchup for him. Philly is one of the better teams in the league (dating back to start of last year) vs RH pitchers featuring FB/SL as Eovaldi does. 

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