Chin Music, Episode 29: A Town That’s Permanently On Fire

It’s been a rough week, my friends, so at least end it well with another episode of Chin Music. I’m joined by our very own Jon Tayler in the co-host chair. We begin by discussing the never-ending tragedy that is the Mets and some COVID-19 news with the Nationals and MLB Network before settling into some actual baseball talk about September races and whether or not Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom should just call it a day, or at least a season.

We’re then joined by special guest Julian McWilliams, who covers the Red Sox forĀ The Boston Globe, to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak on the team and how it affects both Boston’s chances and his ability to do his job. From there, it’s your e-mails on agents, lineup construction, and the amateur showcase circuit, plus more than a bit of music discussion and a pair of escapist TV show recommendations to help get you through these troubled times.

As always, we hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

Music by Helen Money.

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Warning One: While ostensibly a podcast about baseball, these conversations often veer into other subjects.

Warning Two: There is explicit language.

Run Time: 2:26:10

Kevin Goldstein is a National Writer at FanGraphs.

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