Chin Music, Episode 37: I Just Want To Say Spooktacular

History is made on this week’s episode of Chin Music, as FanGraphs Managing Editor and Effectively Wild co-host Meg Rowley becomes the first former guest to serve as a co-host. Meg joins me for two hours of talk on baseball and other stuff to help you waste another afternoon. We begin by reviewing the first two games of the 2021 World Series, including a discussion on postseason pitching strategies and the wildly different reactions neutral fans have had toward the Houston Astros as a whole as compared to their manager, Dusty Baker. Then we get into Rob Manfred’s unfortunate comments on fan behavior in Atlanta, as well as an update on the sport’s potential upcoming labor impasse. Next we are joined by special guest Deesha Thosar of The New York Daily News to talk about what the hell is going on with the New York Mets and their GM/POBO search. Then it’s your emails, including a discussion of Jeff Luhnow’s baseball future (if any), followed by Meg’s literary plans and a few podcast, book and YouTube channel recommendations.

As always, we hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening.

Music by Winterhawk.

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Warning One: While ostensibly a podcast about baseball, these conversations often veer into other subjects.

Warning Two: There is explicit language.

Run Time: 2:05:59

Kevin Goldstein is a National Writer at FanGraphs.

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Nicholas Boccellamember
11 months ago

In a long line of great cohosts, Me Growley, is the best