Custom Leaderboards!

This past weekend the leaderboards got a slight overhaul in appearance and bunch of new features. Look below the stats table in the leaderboards for the customization options.

Custom Stat Lists: Choose which stats you want to see in the leaderboards, just like you can in the player pages dashboard.

Custom Players Lists: Choose only the players you want to see and easily compare any stat between a select group of players.

Custom Reports: Save your current leaderboard as a report for quick access to your custom stats lists and stat lists.

League Stats: Easily see league/season totals for every single year in baseball.

Streamlined Leaderboards & Team Pages: The functionality in the team pages is now available to you in the leaderboards section. Filter by team or see team totals by season. Soon the team sections will just take you to the appropriate leaderboard.

Split Teams: Breakout players who played on multiple teams by giving them two (or more) entries instead of grouping their stats together for a single season.

David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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