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Here’s the table of contents for today’s edition of Daily Notes.

1. Glorious Custom Leaderboard: First-Round Draftees
2. Assorted Headlines
3. Image for No Reason: Addison Russell

Glorious Custom Leaderboard: First-Round Draftees
Regarding an Important Gift
Prometheus famously stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Eve, owing to her conduct in the garden, made humans ultimately capable of shame — one of the best emotions people can have.

I’m confident that I, Carson Cistulli, will be remembered alongside these noteworthy benefactors for the glorious custom leaderboard I’ve recently made — a leaderboard, specifically, of all the first-round picks from the most recent draft to have begun their professional careers — and a hyperlink to which I now make available to the public.

Hyperlink to Said Glorious and Custom Leaderboard
Click this hyperlinked text to navigate your web browser to this glorious and custom leaderboard.

Screenshot of Said Glorious and Custom Leaderboard
Here’s a screenshot (which one might click, perchance to embiggen) of said glorious and custom leaderboard — in this case, sorted by weighted batting runs above average:

On the Possible Uses of Said Leaderboard
One of the possible uses of the leaderboard in question is maybe to impress people at parties with it.

Another Possible Use of This Great Leaderboard
Another thing a person could with this leaderboard is sort it real hard. Like, just sort it during the day — and then, after maybe taking a nap or whatever, just sort it a little at night, too. Descending order, ascending order: who cares! The world isn’t just an oyster — and the world is an oyster — it’s your oyster.

What People Are Saying About This Leaderboard
“It’s great. It’s one of the best — if not the best — leaderboards I’ve ever seen.”

What Other People Are Saying About This Leaderboard
“When you talk about Carson Cistulli’s glorious custom leaderboard of 2012 first-round draftees who’ve made their professional debuts, you’re talking about a leaderboard that’s important for our times.”

What the Author Promises
The author promises to update the leaderboard as more first-round picks are signed and begin to debut in affiliated baseball.

Finally, What the Reader Will Notice
The reader will notice that Diamondbacks prospect Stryker Trahan — who’s hitting very well in the rookie-level Arizona League at the moment — that Trahan’s data is strangely absent from this leaderboard. The author is seeking to understand the uncertain causes behind this mysterious effect.

Assorted Headlines
Halladay to Pitch Thursday
Philadelphia right-hander Roy Halladay will make a rehab start for High-A Clearwater on Thursday, reports Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He hasn’t pitched in a game since May 27th, Gelb reminds us, when he left with a right lat muscle strain. A brief inspection of the internet reveals no specific information regarding Halladay’s pitch count for the rehab appearance.

Sheets Could Start Sunday
Right-hander Ben Sheets, whom the Atlanta Braves recently acquired and assigned to Double-A Mississippi, could actually start for the Braves as soon as this Sunday, reports David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He would likely replace either Mike Minor or Randall Delgado on the roster, reports O’Brien. Here’s Sheets’ line through two Double-A starts: 10.2 IP, 45 TBF, 10 K, 1 BB, 0 HR, 12 H.

Longoria Recovery Uncertain
“There is a lot of concern in the Rays’ organization,” tweets ESPN’s Buster Olney, “about how long Evan Longoria will be out, with no guarantees of anything in 2012.” Longoria has been out since April 30th with a hamstring injury.

Image for No Reason: Addison Russell
Apropos largely of nothing, here’s an image of Oakland first-round draftee Addison Russell — who currently leads all first-round draftees in weighted batting runs above average — an image of Addison Russell likely on the verge either of giving or receiving heartfelt advice.

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That Carson Cistulli makes promises and delivers on them is but one of the many ways he is unlike Robinson Cano


Yea, I too thought he promised a good showing at the derby, but he didn’t hit a single homer for charity. How much money did his homers contribute to charity last year? I thought he could have done his part for those kids, but I guess he didn’t come through on that promise.

Oh, you were talking about naming Butler to the derby when he in no way deserved it over last year’s winner, a former winner (who also won the whole thing this year), the major league home run leader and the guy with 25% more homers who has a history of being a power hitter and went to a tie break with Bautista to make it to the finals? Yea, Cano really messed that one up because only 3 out of his 4 players made it to the second round (as opposed to the 1 out of 4 for the NL). What a crappy team he named!

I too would have booed every time he had a chance to donate $3,000 to charity, and I would have also booed especially hard when that gold ball for $18,000 was in play. And my cheers would be deafening each time he failed. KC fans, you are a class act!


Its an exhibition, its for the fans, get a grip Phoenix, it ain’t about who wins.

Big Daddy V
Big Daddy V

You say that now, PiratesHurdles. But next year, the home run derby will have a special prize: the winner’s home runs will count for double the runs for the rest of the season. This time it counts!


Unfortunately FanGraphs custom leader boards do not allow me to sort by ‘Classiness of Team Fans,’ so we don’t really have a metric to compare Robinson Cano and Royals fans.


Pirateshurdles, it’s also for charity, which is why it disgusts me that people would cheer so lustily for someone to not hit a home run. each one means thousands more in donations. And yet, the KC fans would rather see Cano fail because he did not name their undeserving player to the derby than see thousands in donations go to charity. That is appalling.


I subtracted $5,000 from my planned $200,000 donation to charity every time Cano homered. Luckily he did no homers so I gave it all to charity. Little known fact, the Royals fans knew this and cheered accordingly.