Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat – 1/14/13

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  1. Baltar says:

    A couple of things need clarification.
    RE: Rick Porcello. The name Fredrick or Frederic(k) come from medieval German. Various rulers started calling themselves “Friedereichs” or “Peaceprince.” I guess Porcello prefers the prince part to the peace.
    RE: beer. Cincinnati is the beer capital of the country. Just within a couple miles of where I live, Country Market, as well as Jungle Jim’s, offer incredible selections of beer. Great Scott Restaurant (not the diners) and Dos Amigos offer incredible selections of draught beers.
    Unfortunately, I can’t have much beer due to my diabetes.

    • algionfriddo says:

      The beer capitol of America is at my lake house when the Mariners are playing on the TV. I usually have 5 to 8 kegs of cold homebrew in the keezer and a dip in the lake is just 12 steps away. It must be the Mariners… because that way you never really care who wins or loses. And mostly you get the latter. I’m a Michael Saunders fan… think about that for a moment.