Effectively Wild Episode 1083: All-Star Off-Day Emails


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the All-Star Game, then answer listener emails about more oddly configured fields, fouling balls straight back, non-standard batting stances, FanGraphs WAR vs. Baseball-Reference WAR, a career-earnings guessing game, All-Star Game accomplishments, knickers vs. pajama pants, stats vs. scouts, a Home Run Derby hypothetical, awarding home-run value based on defense, a tweak to ground rule doubles, and more.

Audio intro: Smash Mouth, "All Star (Instrumental)"
Audio outro: The Posies, "I Guess You’re Right"

Link to weird-fields photo album

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6 years ago

listening to Jeff talk about the ASG is almost exactly like listening to an uber hipster talk about pop music

Turd Furgeson
6 years ago
Reply to  caesar_solid