Effectively Wild Episode 1153: Johnny on the Spot


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the perplexing potential end to Manny Machado trade rumors, then bring on former major leaguer and current fun-fact star/national treasure Johnny O’Brien to discuss his life and career with the Pirates, Cardinals, and Braves in the 1950s, becoming a reluctant two-way player (and experiencing immediate, surprising success), his signing by Branch Rickey, being a “bonus baby” and skipping the minor leagues, playing in the Harvey Haddix game, forming half of the only double-play duo of twins in MLB history, playing without his twin for the first time, playing for both great and terrible teams and both with and against baseball legends, being buddies with Bing Crosby, and more.

Audio intro: The Raveonettes, "The Truth About Johnny"
Audio interstitial: Flogging Molly, "Sentimental Johnny"
Audio outro: Chuck Berry, "Bye Bye Johnny"

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6 years ago

my god Johnny O’Brien is hilarious