Effectively Wild Episode 1165: Jeff Passan Diagnoses Baseball’s Broken Market


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about a few recent trade demands (or non-demands), then bring on Yahoo Sports MLB columnist Jeff Passan to talk about what’s behind baseball’s slow-moving labor market, who and/or what is to blame for the sport’s present economic stalemate, and what can be done to avert disaster. Lastly, Ben provides a brief addendum on baseball’s most and least productive names.

Audio intro: Boat, "Jeff Fell Dream"
Audio intro: The Simpsons, "Union Strike Song"
Audio outro: The Raconteurs, "Salute Your Solution"

Link to Jeff Passan’s article on baseball’s backward economics
Link to baseball-name data

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Thank you for podcasting guys.
I’d give earlier (or extra) draft picks for the 6th, 7th and perhaps 8th best teams in each league instead of playoff teams.
I think teams don’t want to be caught in the middle. Try a playoff run and fail and then you left with thinned minor league system and worse draft position. I’d like to fix here to encourage middle teams to try a playoff run more, and if more teams try to win, more teams would spend.