Effectively Wild Episode 1190: The No-Look Podcast


Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Willians Astudillo’s day in the spotlight, Carter Capps’s new look, and Minor League Baseball’s new pace/length-of-play rules, follow up on previous discussions of spring-training celebrations and ground-bound players, and answer listener emails about a front-office saboteur, Steve Carlton’s incredible career balk total, the predictiveness of second-half performance, Ronald Acuña’s next triumph (and the cost of a lifetime Acuña contract), David Price’s opt-out, the strange statistical profile of Hall of Fame pitcher Ted Lyons, how a young Frank Thomas would have hit in the uppercut era, and two official-scoring quandaries, plus multiple Stat Blasts about Pi-themed players and games.

Audio intro: The Who, "Don’t Look Away"
Audio outro: Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Don’t Look Now"

Link to Jeff’s article about Willians Astudillo’s no-look pickoff
Link to GIF of Carter Capps
Link to article about the history of balks

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