Effectively Wild Episode 1212: Three Radical Ideas


Ben Lindbergh, Jeff Sullivan, and ESPN’s Sam Miller banter about James Paxton’s 16-strikeout start and the elusive 21-strikeout game, why no-hitters are becoming more common but are also endangered, how to familiarize oneself with newly minted major-league relievers, and Albert Pujols’s evaporating walk rate, then discuss Sam’s radical proposals to change baseball’s playoff format, playoff structure, and schedule.

Audio intro: The Flaming Lips, "Free Radicals"
Audio outro: The Bees, "Change Can Happen"

Link to Sam’s playoffs proposal
Link to Sam’s after-the-fact-payment proposal
Link to Sam’s bidding-for-home-games proposal

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James Smith
4 years ago

#3’s very interesting to me, but I do wonder if there is going to be a fund that pays vendors and other employees what they would have stood to earn had the game taken place as scheduled. I know that’s maybe less interesting than players, wins/losses, but I think it’s an important consideration affecting more people than the 25 players.

Anyway, loved the ideas and the podcast; thanks!