Effectively Wild Episode 1236: Local (and National) Color

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about Jeff’s lost and found voice, then bring on MLB on TBS and SNY analyst Ron Darling (5:33) to discuss preparing to call games, talking stats on TV, local broadcasting vs. national broadcasting, the beloved Mets broadcasting team, building booth rapport, positivity and negativity on TV, dealing with broadcasting criticism, calling AL games vs. calling NL games, 1980s baseball vs. modern baseball, facing Barry Bonds and Tim Raines, and pitcher hitting. Then they talk to EW listener, MIT PhD grad, and incoming Rays R&D analyst Michael McClellan (36:50) about getting a front-office job, the overlap between atmospheric science and baseball science, the physics of baseball, baseball construction and home runs, visiting all 30 ballparks, and more.

Audio intro: Matthew Sweet, "Your Sweet Voice"
Audio interstitial: Wilco, "My Darling"
Audio interstitial 2: Crowded House, "Weather With You"
Audio outro: Elvis Costello, "There’s a Story in Your Voice"

Link to Michael’s writing at Banished to the Pen
Link to Michael’s writing at FanGraphs

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4 years ago

I really like the comparison between Fangraphs writers and finches on the Galapagos. A very funny metaphor.