Effectively Wild Episode 1354: Cabin Ball

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Sam’s unusual plan to immerse himself in the beginning of the baseball season, watching games as a writer vs. watching games as a fan, two responses to previous listener-email answers, whether “ball” is synonymous with baseball, why baseball has hit a dry spell for single-season record chases, the most breakable unbreakable records, Ichiro Suzuki as an almost-record-setting pinch hitter, why no one has hit .400 for so long, why doubles are the most immutable hit type, the Royals’ strange spring training, string training effort level, Orlando Cabrera’s wildly improbable on-base streak, and more, then answer listener emails about whether analytics have been a net positive for players and the best stat to represent a player’s power output, plus a Stat Blast about the longest streaks of years in which one team topped a league or division rival.

Audio intro: Lily & Madeleine, "Cabin Fever"
Audio outro: The Hives, "Here We Go Again"

Link to Dario’s YouTube broadcast
Link to Sam on seeing something new in games
Link to Hang Up and Listen on “ball coach”
Link to Sam on the most breakable unbreakable records
Link to article on the increasing homogeneity of ballparks
Link to Ben on the changing distribution of saves
Link to Ben on spring training stats
Link to Sam on the 21-strikeout game
Link to Ben on Ichiro as a pinch hitter
Link to Sam on .400 hitters
Link to division-rival data
Link to preorder The MVP Machine

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