Effectively Wild Episode 1399: The Longest Leader

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley reflect on the passing of Tyler Skaggs. Then (9:57) Ben and Sam Miller banter about whether it’s better for a team to be in a division with a few good teams or a division with one great team and a few bad teams and answer listener emails about whether baseball is a strong-link sport or a weak-link sport, whether a team could benefit by tailoring its park and its roster to a homer-averse style of play, which teams they think it would have been better for baseball for Mike Trout to have been drafted by, plus Stat Blasts about Charlie Blackmon’s home/road splits and the return of vintage Coors Field, and Trout’s chances of setting the record for the longest-ever reign by an active WAR leader.

Audio intro: Built to Spill, "So"
Audio outro: Paul McCartney, "4th of July"

Link to Fabian Ardaya on Skaggs
Link to Stanton’s Instagram post
Link to Trout and other teammates talking about Skaggs
Link to Sam on Coors Field
Link to active WAR leaders data
Link to Sam on the Hall of Famers Trout passed in June
Link to order The MVP Machine

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3 years ago

In terms of what Trout would mean to the city, there’s no better place to redraft him than to the Philadelphia Phillies. As a local (South Jersey) guy who roots for all the Philadelphia teams, the marketing opportunities for him would be endless. He’d be to Philadelphia what LeBron is to Cleveland. Just with more loyalty.