Effectively Wild Episode 1412: Everything is Invented

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about FanGraphs’ completist coverage of the frantic trade deadline, the backlash to a perceived lack of activity at the deadline and whether the deadline was really a manifestation of baseball’s structural problems, the appropriate balance between trying to win now and trying to win later, what we can learn from the Chris Archer trade one year later, the significance of the suspensions for the Reds’ and Pirates’ bad brawling behavior, the Hall of Famers Mike Trout passed in July, Bobby Wallace and another reminder that baseball is a wonder of human ingenuity, Jeff McNeil’s netting-assisted snag, a vintage Zack Greinke story, and more.

Audio intro: Belle and Sebastian, "Dirty Dream Number Two"
Audio outro: Robyn Hitchcock, "The Man Who Invented Himself"

Link to FanGraphs trade deadline coverage
Link to Ben Clemens on trade deadline activity
Link to Ken Rosenthal on the deadline
Link to Marc Carig on the deadline
Link to Ben on the Greinke trade
Link to Ben on revisiting the Archer trade
Link to Sam on the Hall of Famers Trout passed in July
Link to Pirates-Reds brawl suspensions
Link to Eno on purpose pitches
Link to article about McNeil’s net catch
Link to Rob Arthur on ejections
Link to order The MVP Machine

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