Effectively Wild Episode 1432: The High-Pressure Promise

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the return of Luis Severino and the Yankees’ prospective playoff roster, how teams will use their pitchers in the playoffs, a Sonny Gray fun fact that sort of checks out, Yu Darvish’s strikeout spree, and an extremely long September game, discuss the arrest of Felipe Vázquez, and answer listener emails about Mookie Betts and Mike Trout, when today’s baseball will start to seem dated, how long it takes bad teams to restore their reputations, and the audacity of promising to hit home runs.

Audio intro: Gregory Alan Isakov, "San Luis"
Audio outro: Sturgill Simpson, "The Promise"

Link to Jay Jaffe on Severino’s return
Link to Aaron Boone on the Yankees’ playoff pitching plans
Link to Sonny Gray story
Link to Darvish story
Link to Ben on the playoffs as a vision of the future
Link to Yaz home runs GIF
Link to Ben on MLB’s quality of play
Link to Seinfeld clip
Link to post on promised home runs
Link to order The MVP Machine

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