Effectively Wild Episode 1462: Bring Back Little Blowhard

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about Charlie Finley’s dual “innovations,” Harvey and Little Blowhard, then answer listener emails about Chris Davis and why some veteran players may be unwilling to change, whether Gerrit Cole could regress away from Houston, the purpose of punishing the Astros for sign-stealing and how many years of draft picks a team would give up in exchange for a championship, and whether baseball players will ever take in-season vacations, plus Stat Blasts about players with more hit by pitches than walks and the Mariners’ record lack of intentional walks drawn.

Audio intro: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Blow Hard"
Audio outro: The Microphones, "I Want Wind to Blow"

Link to SI article on Charlie Finley
Link to article about Finley’s orange baseballs
Link to image of Finley’s K.C. Pennant Porch
Link to early 2019 article about Davis
Link to late 2019 article about Davis
Link to 2018 article about Trumbo
Link to order The MVP Machine

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2 years ago

I love that immediately after Sam talked about getting frustrated when announcers fail to correct one another, he calls Tom Murphy “Tom Gordon” and Ben fails to correct him.