Effectively Wild Episode 1482: Multisport Sabermetrics Exchange (Diversity and Inclusion)

In the final (for now) installment of a special, seven-episode series on the past, present, and future of advanced analysis in non-baseball sports, Ben Lindbergh talks to sabermetric pioneer Sherri Nichols about her trailblazing work in baseball analysis and then data scientist and sports entrepreneur Tiffany Kelly (41:02) about her experience in the sports analytics field, touching on their contributions to rec.sport.baseball, Retrosheet, and ESPN and the need for greater diversity and representation in the industry (plus a postscript from Ben on Scott Boras and insights and takeaways from the entire Multisport Sabermetrics Exchange series).

Audio intro: Tegan and Sara, "Come On"
Audio interstitial: The Sensations, "Let Me In"
Audio outro: Nas, "Represent"

Link to Ben’s article on Sherri
Link to story on Sherri on the CMU site
Link to story on Sherri in the CMU magazine
Link to Sherri writing about Defensive Average in 1990
Link to rec.sport.baseball archive
Link to story on the Andrew File System
Link to Tiffany on her career in sports analytics
Link to Tiffany on the Sports Analytics Club Program
Link to the SACP’s site
Link to article about Rachel Balkovec
Link to Jalen Rose’s comments about analytics
Link to Jalen Rose’s follow-up comments
Link to ESPN report about the MLB Racial and Gender Report Card
Link to past MLB report cards
Link to MLB Diversity Fellowship Program
Link to Boras prediction
Link to order The MVP Machine

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