Effectively Wild Episode 1526: The Season of Uncertainty

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about new options for supporting FanGraphs and a potential plan to play the 2020 season with a radically realigned league structure, then talk to FanGraphs writer and ZiPS projection system proprietor Dan Szymborski about how a shortened or canceled season would affect projections for 2021, whether players would exceed or fall short of their projections after a long layoff, how a canceled season could impair player development, how returns from injuries, strength of schedule, and fewer games could help or hurt certain teams in 2020, tactics and roster strategies that could be beneficial in a shortened season, whether Statcast has improved projections, doing away with divisions, the appeal of streaming/esports in the absence of traditional sports, the MLB The Show players tournament, and how projecting baseball is different from projecting pandemics.

Audio intro: The Mountain Goats, "This Year"
Audio outro: The Strokes, "Ode to the Mets"

Link to FanGraphs financial update
Link to FanGraphs membership page
Link to FanGraphs gift membership page
Link to FanGraphs donation page
Link to realignment report
Link to Rob Arthur on uncertainty
Like to Matt Trueblood on shortened-season tactics
Link to Dan on playoff odds changes
Link to Dan on healing teams
Link to Dan on embracing weirdness
Link to Ben on esports
Link to Hannah on simulated seasons
Link to MLB The Show league
Link to Mets broadcasters calling MLB The Show
Link to FiveThirtyEight on modeling COVID-19
Link to Dan’s COVID-19 Twitter thread
Link to order The MVP Machine

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