Effectively Wild Episode 1574: No Fans, Good Field?

Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about their minor league free agent draft results so far and whether this season has helped or hurt minor league free agents gain playing time, the continued watchability of revamped extra innings and the possibility of bringing back traditional extra innings for one week a year, and whether this season’s early big BABIP dip indicates that players are fielding better without fans, then answer listener emails about whether players should retain their rookie eligibility in the event of a shortened season, whether giving up in-person attendance forever would be worth guaranteeing a winning team, how the 2021 amateur draft order should be determined, and whether the lineup should reset in extra innings, plus a Stat Blast about quasi-walk-off hits in rain-delayed games.

Audio intro: Paul McCartney, "Distractions"
Audio outro: Beck, "No Distraction"

Link to minor league free agent draftees
Link to Sam on the automatic-runner rule
Link to Tango tweet about fielding performance
Link to article about basketball/soccer player improvements
Link to Lucas Apostoleris’s Stat Blast song cover
Link to Lucas’s Bandcamp page

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3 years ago

Give them 2 extra inninfgs to settle it, then in 12th put the man on. Best of both worlds. Sorted.