Effectively Wild Episode 1689: Take Artists

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about being fully vaccinated, injuries to Dustin May, Luis Robert, Jesús Luzardo, Jacob deGrom, Shohei Ohtani, and others around the league, grumbles about Tony La Russa’s managing, the Angels’ perplexing, persistent .500-ness, the Mets firing and hiring hitting coaches, and surprising pricing for players on Cameo, then follow up on the Dodgers’ shifting against righties, umpires declaring plays too close to call, and handing out flagrant fouls for hit by pitches before ending with Stat Blasts about the most consecutive taken pitches and the longest pitcher outings without a ball being put in play.

Audio intro: Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Dosed"
Audio outro: The White Stripes, "Take, Take, Take"

Link to post on May’s pitch-type changes
Link to post on May’s injury
Link to post on Robert’s injury
Link to Luzardo story
Link to Luzardo apology
Link to BP on April injuries
Link to Jeff Passan on La Russa
Link to Rob Arthur on La Russa
Link to story about Mets firings
Link to study on offense after firing coaches
Link to defensive efficiency leaderboard
Link to story about the Angels’ defense
Link to Ben on the Angels’ .500-ness
Link to cluster luck leaderboard
Link to post on the Dodgers’ shifting
Link to Reddit thread on Cameo pricing
Link to data on consecutive takes
Link to game with most consecutive takes
Link to data on all-true-outcome outings
Link to data on all-true-outcome starts

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