Effectively Wild Episode 1691: Adios, Albert

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Byron Buxton and the Twins, discuss the Angels designating Albert Pujols for assignment, and answer listener emails about whether to accept a scenario where one’s team always finishes .500 but one also gets to enjoy the career of a generational player, pitchers accepting automatic strikeouts, the best way for catchers to call for appeals on check swings, and appreciating the community of baseball as much as or more so than the sport itself, plus a Stat Blast about Glenn Davis and the most lopsided trades of all time.

Audio intro: British Sea Power, "Albert’s Eyes"
Audio outro: Shocking Blue, "Never Release the One You Love"

Link to Rosenthal on injuries in 2021
Link to Sam in 2012 on Pujols
Link to Ben in 2017 on Ohtani and Pujols
Link to data on most hits above .300
Link to Ben on retirement gifts
Link to Meg on retirement gifts
Link to interview with LSU pitcher
Link to Ben on checked swings
Link to Stat Blast data on lopsided trades
Link to Ardaya on Pujols
Link to Rosenthal on Pujols

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2 years ago

She’s a nut. Pujols didn’t want 8 ABs a week. He wouldn’t even announce this was his last year. The Angels are trying to win. The couldn’t give him 25 ABs a week.

Let me solve the mystery why Albert Pujols declined more rapidly than stars of the past… The Shift. Look at his stat cast data. He still hits the ball hard, but he can’t get any hits unless he hits it over an infielder.

When you are losing at least a hit a week, that past stars didn’t lose, it’s a big deal.