Chin Music, Episode 12: Can You Do That Without Being Shot On Sight?

Chin Music is back on schedule. The traveling co-host chair stays put in New York as the sole proprietor of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter (that would be Joe Sheehan) joins me for a rousing discussion of baseball and, of course, other things. We begin by discussing the breaking news of Albert Pujols‘ release, John Means‘ no-no, parity in the standings and whether the San Francisco Giants are real. Sadly, we had a guest, an interview took place, and it was wonderful, but I regret to inform you that technical issues took it all away from us. The internet can be cruel sometimes. All is explained before the show starts. We finish up with emails on minor league assignments, the perks of working for a team, and how to get into baseball media, before delving into Joe’s career path and the wonderfully relaxing Pokemon Snap. As always, we hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening. Note: We had some audio issues with Joe, especially in the first segment; we did our best with it.

Music by Nice Ghost.

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Warning One: While ostensibly a podcast about baseball, these conversations often veer into other subjects. Warning Two: There is explicit language.

Run Time: 1:49:56

Kevin Goldstein is a National Writer at FanGraphs.

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Nicholas Boccella

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