Effectively Wild Episode 1728: On Guardians

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Mets not signing first-round pick Kumar Rocker, owner Steve Cohen’s comment about the decision, and the amateur draft as a salary-suppressing institution, then discuss how injuries have destabilized some of the major end-of-season awards races. After that (31:51), they talk to Cleveland native (and Baseball Prospectus writer) Russell Carleton about his history as a fan of the team soon to be known as the Cleveland Guardians, when he changed his mind about changing its name, the real history of the old name, what he and other Clevelanders think of the new name, the potential for a rechristening in Atlanta, and more (plus a postscript on a record streak of alternating wins/losses).

Audio intro: Bruce Springsteen, "I’m a Rocker"
Audio interstitial: Blind Melon, "Change"
Audio outro: Jackson Browne, "My Cleveland Heart"

Link to report about the Mets and Rocker
Link to story on Rocker’s future
Link to story about later Mets selections
Link to Steve Cohen tweet
Link to Brendan Gawlowski on the draft
Link to Joon Lee on Angels minor leaguers
Link to Russell on minor league housing
Link to stream Stove League
Link to Russell on the Guardians
Link to Joe Posnanski on the Guardians
Link to Nancy Kelsey-Carroll on the Guardians
Link to academic paper on Sockalexis
Link to pictorial history of Chief Wahoo
Link to the “Curse of Rocky Colavito”
Link to the “Curse of Chief Wahoo”
Link to story on “racist uncles”
Link to Patrick Dubuque’s Guardians sketch
Link to Guardians of Traffic history
Link to story about the roller derby team
Link to story about an Atlanta name change
Link to longest alternating W-L streaks

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