Effectively Wild Episode 1768: The Braves Blueprint

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Ben’s return from podcast paternity leave, the quality of the 2021 postseason, whether the Braves were underrated or simply overperformed, what teams might learn from and emulate about Atlanta’s success, postseason pitcher usage and game length, the career and retirement of Buster Posey, their upcoming discussion of TV drama Stove League, and more.

Audio intro: Pavement, "Father to a Sister of Thought"
Audio outro: Bill Withers, "Wintertime"

Link to NL East playoff odds graph
Link to FanGraphs postseason staff predictions
Link to Mark Armour on parity
Link to Paul Hembekides on game ending times
Link to Theo Epstein on emulating champions
Link to Zach Kram on Atlanta’s win
Link to Michael Baumann on the Astros’ future
Link to Ben on Atlanta’s rebuild
Link to Zach on Atlanta’s bullpen
Link to Eno Sarris on learning from Atlanta
Link to Emma Baccellieri on Atlanta’s shifting
Link to Jay on playoff pitcher usage
Link to Jay on unlikely playoff pitchers
Link to Ben on bullpenning
Link to Ben on October baseball
Link to Ben on predicting postseason sweeps
Link to Maury Brown on playoff start times
Link to John Ourand on start times and ratings
Link to Ben on re-signing World Series winners
Link to Rob Mains on pitcher usage and payroll
Link to Terrance Gore EW episode
Link to Jay Jaffe on Posey
Link to Grant Brisbee on Posey
Link to Nichols Law of Catcher Defense
Link to Stove League teaser video
Link to stream Stove League via Kocowa
Link to stream Stove League via Viki

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1 year ago

More pavement!