Effectively Wild Episode 1789: One-Dan Band

Ben Lindbergh concludes a short series of conversations with baseball content creators who work mainly in a medium other than writing or podcasting by talking to singer-songwriter Dan Bern about his origins as a baseball fan and musician, rooting for different teams at different times, his songwriting process, sneaking into Wrigley Field, composing his first baseball song, the tools of his trade, what makes a song a baseball song, the most fitting subjects for baseball songs, the best baseball songs by other artists, the pandemic’s impact on musicians, writing bespoke songs, appreciating multiple eras of baseball history, and more. Dan also performs his songs “Ballpark” (15:40), “The Year-By-Year Home Run Totals of Barry Bonds” (18:50), “Slowly Turn Around” (19:47), “Everything’s Better Than it Used to Be” (45:36), “This Side of the White Lines” (49:45), and “Seven Miles an Hour” (55:25).

Audio intro: Dan Bern, “When My Buckner Moment Comes
Audio outro: Dan Bern, “Merkle

Link to Dan’s website
Link to Dan’s song store
Link to Dan on Bandcamp
Link to Dan on Facebook
Link to Dan’s Doubleheader album on Spotify
Link to Dan’s Rivalry album on Spotify
Link to NYT piece on Doubleheader
Link to Dan’s 10,000 Crappy Songs podcast
Link to Dan’s discography
Link to Dan’s lyrics
Link to press coverage of Dan
Link to “Ballpark”
Link to “The Year-By-Year Home Run Totals of Barry Bonds”
Link to “Slowly Turn Around”
Link to “Everything’s Better Than it Used to Be”
Link to “This Side of the White Lines”
Link to “Seven Miles an Hour”
Link to “The Golden Voice of Vin Scully”
Link to EW episode about baseball music
Link to Ben on Get Back
Link to Neil Young’s “Old Black”
Link to Conan’s old-timey baseball video
Link to EW episode about old-timey baseball
Link to EW episode about discovering sports late
Link to Patreon trivia contest
Link to stream Stove League via Viki

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1 year ago

I’m curious. Are you the same Ben Lindbergh who wrote this piece:


1 year ago
Reply to  Ben Lindbergh

Aw. It was excellent. Really enjoyed reading it.