Effectively Wild Episode 1790: The Fandom Menace

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about their holidays, how the omicron variant is affecting sports and personal decisions, and how analyzing COVID case counts is (kind of) akin to analyzing baseball stats, discuss the pace and prominence of signings of former major leaguers by KBO and NPB teams, the results of 2021 interleague play, and Shohei Ohtani’s showing in a New York Times quiz about notable people from this year, and answer listener emails about minor league signings during the lockout, Ohtani’s Hall of Fame chances, redrafting Derek Jeter or Ichiro Suzuki, and an evolving Hall of Fame, plus a Stat Blast (1:22:30) about how long it took for every player from given MLB games to leave the league for good.

Audio intro: Vince Guaraldi, “The Great Pumpkin Waltz
Audio outro: John Williams, “Duel of the Fates

Link to Will Leitch on omicron and sports
Link to thread on omicron and boosters
Link to story on the week after Christmas
Link to MLBTR’s KBO posts
Link to MLBTR’s NPB posts
Link to Phantom Menace duel video
Link to Tom Tango’s league quality post
Link to year-by-year interleague records
Link to Russell Carleton on interleague records
Link to Rob Mains on interleague records
Link to Rob on NL DHs in 2022
Link to 2016 interleague roundtable podcast
Link to NYT notable people quiz
Link to Ohtani’s AP award
Link to story on Astros drafting Jeter
Link to Ichiro’s high school hitting appearance
Link to Ichiro’s high school pitching appearance
Link to Stat Blast inspiration thread
Link to 2014 Stat Blast game
Link to 2013 Stat Blast game
Link to 1945 Stat Blast game
Link to 1906 Stat Blast game
Link to 2009 Stat Blast game
Link to Drake LaRoche retrospective
Link to 2006 Stat Blast game
Link to 1949 Stat Blast game
Link to stream Stove League via Viki

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