Effectively Wild Episode 1797: Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about a bargaining meeting between MLB and the MLBPA that reportedly produced little progress toward a deal, the odds of a punctual start to the season, the retirement of Jon Lester and their lasting fascination with his pickoff-throw yips, a familiarity penalty for relievers who face the same team multiple times within a postseason series, what the mysteriously rapid decline of Jimmie Foxx says about the value of injury information that we generally lack, and the Atlantic League mound reverting to 60 feet, six inches, then answer listener emails about an NFL tie scenario and the zombie runner, active players as GMs, how long the podcast (and MLB) could survive a lockout, why the best catchers’ career WARs aren’t higher, whether player-managers could ever make a comeback, Shohei Ohtani’s satisfaction with the state of the sport, and changing the dimensions of a ballpark (like Camden Yards) to favor a certain group of players.

Audio intro: PUP, “Familiar Patterns
Audio outro: The Posies, “Throwaway

Link to CBA proposal details
Link to Jeff Sullivan on Lester
Link to August Fagerstrom on Lester
Link to Ben on Lester
Link to Lester’s bounce pass
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Link to postseason reliever research
Link to regular-season reliever research
Link to Ben on postseason SP familiarity
Link to Pages from Baseball’s Past
Link to Craig Wright’s first Foxx story
Link to Craig’s second Foxx story
Link to study on injuries and exit velo
Link to Atlantic League press release
Link to story on the almost-tie scenario
Link to Barnwell on the almost-tie
Link to Rob Mahoney on the Lakers
Link to article about LeBron as GM
Link to Jeff on a baseball LeBron
Link to oral history of Verlander trade
Link to Emma on the Players’ League
Link catcher JAWS page
Link to Ben on catcher career standards
Link to Ohtani profile
Link to Ohtani photo thread
Link to Ohtani “10 Essentials” video
Link to story on Orioles fence move
Link to analysis of Orioles fence move
Link to Statcast park factors
Link to story on Veeck moving fences
Link to story on White Sox field move
Link to story on home run robberies
Link to story on ballpark homogenization
Link to “burn the boats” story

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James Smith
James Smith

I am glad to see Shohei Ohtani is finally getting some coverage again on this show.