Effectively Wild Episode 1814: The Angel in the Outfield

In an all-mailbag episode, Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley answer listener emails about baseball with nine DH spots (and separate offensive and defensive units), baseball with eight lineup spots instead of a DH, a visual baseball rulebook, their favorite types of ballpark quirks, adjusting offensive stats for the behavior of the ball, an ethical question about preventing a Shohei Ohtani injury, anointing MLB’s biggest heel, bringing ultimate Frisbee’s self-officiating to baseball, posting the wrong lineup on the scoreboard to confuse an opposing team, a pitcher with one pitch but perfect (albeit limited) command, programming a robomanager, and more.

Audio intro: Roxy Music, “Three and Nine
Audio outro: Belle and Sebastian, “I Can See Your Future

Link to Ben on pitcher hitting
Link to BtBS on the universal DH
Link to Star Trek Ringer MLB Show
Link to ballpark homogeneity study
Link to BP on LeMahieu
Link to FanGraphs on LeMahieu
Link to Gonny Jomes EW wiki page
Link to video of Pierzynski play
Link to Michael Baumann on Bregman
Link to Incaviglia rule story
Link to Robinson retirement story

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11 months ago

Poor Casey. His core question about 9 DH’s is a really interesting but obviously unrealistic hypothetical and I was excited to hear it brainstormed through, then disappointed when it was pretty much shot down without exploration.