Effectively Wild Episode 1819: The Underground Baserunner

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley answer listener emails about shortening the regular season, whether baserunners could tunnel under the basepaths, creating a fictional top prospect, whether umpires expanding and contracting the strike zone lengthens games, where the Hall of Fame should have been located, aesthetically pleasing pitching motions, and whether Statcast could improve the fan experience at the ballpark, plus a Stat Blast (1:02:54) about the minor league affiliates with the longest streaks of sending an alum to the World Series, a Ukraine edition of Meet a Major Leaguer featuring Izzy Goldstein (1:13:01), and a few closing lockout thoughts.

Audio intro: The Frames, “The Stars Are Underground
Audio outro: Bee Gees, “Odessa (City on the Black Sea)

Link to MLBPA donation tweet
Link to mole eyesight info
Link to Sam on the pit
Link to Toe Nash story
Link to Sidd Finch story
Link to Tigers impostor story
Link to story on umpire zones
Link to Ben on robo zones
Link to story on metaverse Truist Park
Link to Lilly video
Link to Jeff on the windup’s decline
Link to lefty familiarity piece
Link to sweet-swinging lefties piece
Link to Stat Blast data
Link to Isaac Johnston’s thesis
Link to Goldstein SABR bio
Link to Jewish Baseball Museum page
Link to Odessa Twitter thread
Link to Bill Cristal B-Ref page
Link to Reuben Ewing B-Ref page
Link to Goldstein B-Ref page
Link to Ukraine charities
Link to more Ukraine donation options
Link to third Ukraine donation site

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2 years ago

The Baseball Hall of Fame belongs on the National Mall with the other national museums. It’s our National Pastime after all.