Effectively Wild Episode 1833: 2022 Division Preview Series: NL East

Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and Sports Illustrated writer Emma Baccellieri banter about the contrast between March Madness and early-season baseball, the Rays-Tigers trade involving Austin Meadows and Isaac Paredes, and the challenge of evaluating Rays transactions in general, then complete the 2022 division preview series by setting the stage for the season in the National League East, team by team.

Audio intro: The Boo Radleys, “One Last Hurrah
Audio outro: Night Shop, “Let Me Begin

Link to Emma on South Carolina’s championship
Link to Ben Clemens on the Rays trade
Link to Rays tweet about the Lowes
Link to Sam’s tweet about the Rays
Link to FanGraphs playoff odds
Link to post about Albies and switch-hitting
Link to Scherzer photo
Link to Jayson Stark on the Phillies’ defense
Link to Matt Gelb on the Phillies’ spending
Link to ESPN on Soto’s brother
Link to Ben on Soto

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2 years ago

Wow. You guys really just mailed in the Nationals review. On one level I get it – this is the last preview podcast, the Nats are clearly the worst team in the division, so why bother. But c’mon – run through the finish line. There was so little effort beyond just throwing up hands and saying “isn’t Soto great? And boy, doesn’t this team stink?” Which is certainly true and likely true, but doesn’t really count as analysis. There was barely any effort to go through the questions that were asked about every other team, such as “potential breakout candidates” or “rookies.” Cade Cavalli is a top 100 prospect who is expected to make his MLB debut in 2022; his name was never mentioned. Simply rolling eyes at the thought of Josh Bell providing lineup protection for Soto ignores the fact that after recovering from COVID (by mid-May) Bell was a very productive bat and overcame a truly awful start (see COVID) well enough to produce a 3 bWAR season.

Love the podcast and the site, but that was not your best work.