Effectively Wild Episode 1839: Gas Rationing

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about exactly how many feral cats have infested the Oakland Coliseum and exactly how few fans have attended A’s games this season, Miguel Cabrera’s impending 3,000th hit and the potentially long time that may elapse before another player joins the 3,000-hit club, the recentism of MLB.TV highlights, the Guardians’ Gabriel Arias starting his career by reaching on error in two consecutive plate appearances (and the nickname of Icehouse Wilson), an uptick in weather-related postponements, MLB’s green initiatives, and how 2023’s more balanced schedule could cause more emissions, Charlie Blackmon becoming the first MLB player to shill for a sportsbook, and Shohei Ohtani’s latest two-way heroics, plus a Stat Blast (1:09:09) about the ascendance of max-effort starting pitching and Ben’s preferred fix for all that ails on-field baseball.

Audio intro: The Velvet Underground, “Cool it Down
Audio outro: Modest Mouse, “Out of Gas

Link to story about the cat count
Link to story about feral hogs
Link to feral hogs meme
Link to Field of Schemes on A’s attendance
Link to story about cats at Shea Stadium
Link to 2022 MLB team attendance
Link to RosterResource payroll page
Link to “dead mall” wiki
Link to Dan Szymborski on the 3,000-hit club
Link to 3,000-hit club
Link to story about Cabrera’s bunt single
Link to Icehouse Wilson’s SABR bio
Link to MLB’s Earth Day press release
Link to Hannah Keyser on climate change
Link to story about more balanced schedule
Link to baseball scene from Interstellar
Link to story about Blackmon deal
Link to story about MLB banning Mays/Mantle
Link to Slate on NFL gambling suspensions
Link to story about Rose allegations
Link to story about Ohtani’s two-way game
Link to Ben Clemens on Ohtani
Link to Pitching Ninja on Ohtani
Link to lowest-WAR hitters w/4+ ASG
Link to lowest-WAR hitters w/2+ ASG
Link to lowest-WAR pitchers w/4+ ASG
Link to lowest-WAR pitchers w/2+ ASG
Link to Stat Blast velo data
Link to Stathead
Link to Ben Lindbergh on Ohtani’s velo
Link to Justin Choi on Ohtani’s velo
Link to Russell Carleton on starting/relieving
Link to Justin on the velo surge
Link to Brash clip
Link to Stark’s 10 numbers
Link to Driveline on velo and injuries
Link to fastball torque study
Link to review of Pitching in a Pinch
Link to text of Pitching in a Pinch
Link to Goodreads page for The Teammates
Link to Ben on moving the mound
Link to tweet about Yankees vaccinations
Link to Ben’s Better Call Saul pod
Link to Cabrera’s IBB single
Link to Cabrera’s IBB reaction
Link to video of IBB boos
Link to MLB.com article about IBB

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