Effectively Wild Episode 1846: One-Night Standings

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the joys of a pitcher’s duel between Shohei Ohtani and Rich Hill, have a spoiler-free discussion about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness being a baseball movie, examine whether the historically hapless Reds are truly tanking or are just a case of Nutting gone wrong, and talk about the state of the standings (including which teams have seen their playoff odds rise or fall the most in the first month of the season), followed by an update on league leaders and Manny Machado vs. Nolan Arenado, a suggested definition for “modern baseball,” listener-submitted examples of baseball skeumorphs, four pedantic questions about baseball, Ben’s confession of an Olaf-from-Frozen phobia, and an attempt to quantify the Cardinals’ varied sprint speeds.

Audio intro: T. Rex, “Universe
Audio outro: Dent May (Feat. Frankie Cosmos), “Across the Multiverse

Link to Ohtani highlights video
Link to Ohtani’s 29 whiffs
Link to article about Ohtani’s game
Link to combined WAR leaderboard
Link to article on Doctor Strange joke
Link to EW episode on the multiverse
Link to article on the Mets in Endgame
Link to other article on the Mets in Endgame
Link to EW on the Mets in Endgame
Link to EW again on the Mets in Endgame
Link to Jayson Stark on the Reds
Link to Passan’s tweets about the Reds
Link to Baseball Prospectus IL Ledger
Link to changes in playoff odds
Link to preseason playoff odds
Link to Dan Szymborski on the White Sox
Link to Jay Jaffe on the Mets
Link to news about Correa’s finger
Link to news about Lewis callup
Link to news about Yankees vaccinations
Link to Ben on Machado vs. Arenado
Link to MLB tiebreaking procedure
Link to sprint speed leaderboard
Link to sprint speed SD by team
Link to Riley O’Brien EW episode

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