Effectively Wild Episode 1852: Roger, Over and Out

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley pay tribute (for the umpteenth time) to the great Roger Angell, who died at 101 on Friday, then banter about which underperforming hitters are most in need of the kind of breakout game that slow-starting Trevor Story had this week. After that (21:41), they bring on listener and top-tier Patreon supporter Aaron Hartman to discuss his Effectively Wild, baseball, and betting origin stories, answer listener emails about umpire punch-out calls in the robo-umps era, quantifying clutchness at lower levels, and the most tortured fan bases in MLB, then (1:00:09) do a “How can you not be pedantic about baseball?” segment on ground-rule doubles, the infield “corners,” “scoreless” games, postseason stats, and walk-offs, and Stat Blast (1:26:10) about Mike Clevinger and pitchers facing players they were traded for, the longest strings of identical plate appearances for back-to-back batters, and the pitchers most helped or hurt by their bullpen support.

Audio intro: Neil Young, “Roger and Out
Audio outro: Band of Horses, “Heartbreak on the 101

Link to New Yorker Angell obit
Link to NYT Angell obit
Link to Angell SABR bio
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Link to Patrick Dubuque on Story
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Link to Robert Orr on Semien
Link to MLB.com on Gorman and Liberatore
Link to news about the Cardinals’ callups
Link to BP on Gorman
Link to BP on Liberatore
Link to article on debut dates for HoFers
Link to ground-rule double info
Link to MLB ground rules
Link to William Safire on walk-offs
Link to etymology of walk-off homers
Link to 2021 MLB walk-off montage
Link to EW email questions database
Link to Stathead
Link to player pairs with same 4 on-base events
Link to Duck Soup mirror scene
Link to rate of multi-player trades by decade
Link to Ben on pitchers vs. ex-catchers
Link to Stat Blast data on inherited runners
Link to Aaron’s Instagram
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to article on trendiest names
Link to baby-name comparison tool

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