Effectively Wild Episode 1854: Comedy of Errors

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the apparent end of Mike Trout’s long-lasting SuperPretzel sponsorship, Willians Astudillo’s return to the majors, the Phillies’ fielding and a seeming surfeit of amusingly bad defensive plays across the league, the arrival of overall no. 1 prospect (and Orioles catcher) Adley Rutschman and how to tell when a prospect is really ready, the postponement of the 13-pitcher limit, the Yankees signing Matt Carpenter, different facial hair changing players’ appearances, the fallout from Josh Donaldson calling Tim Anderson “Jackie,” and Anderson’s great start to the season, plus a few followups.

Audio intro: Great Lakes, “End of an Error
Audio outro: Joel Plaskett, “Tim

Link to news about J&J and Dippin’ Dots
Link to 2012 SuperPretzel press release
Link to SuperPretzel website
Link to “I’m a Mac” actor-switch story
Link to EW SuperPretzel episode
Link to latest Phillies flub
Link to Craig Goldstein on the Phillies
Link to earlier episode about bad defense
Link to Nats’ two-run pickoff attempt
Link to study on slippery baseballs
Link to team defensive efficiency
Link to BP on scouting Rutschman
Link to Craig on the Rutschman callup
Link to Rutschman callup video
Link to Rodríguez callup video
Link to Ben on the record prospect crop
Link to 13-pitcher-limit news
Link to Ken Rosenthal on Carpenter
Link to 2019 Tim Anderson SI story
Link to James Fegan on Anderson
Link to Anderson game story
Link to Anderson’s subsequent comments
Link to Donaldson statement
Link to 2016 Donaldson profile
Link to Judge’s comments
Link to Cashman on Donaldson
Link to Bradford’s interview
Link to Bradford’s podcast
Link to article on Anderson’s swing decisions
Link to FiveThirtyEight forecasts page
Link to Tom Tango on regression mistakes
Link to Phil Birnbaum on regression mistakes

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