Effectively Wild Episode 1856: Slapped Silly

Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about Nick Castellanos’s uncanny tater timing, and then (4:43) Ben attempts to explain the Joc PedersonTommy Pham fantasy-football dispute (and resulting slap) to Meg. After that (44:42), they discuss the Reds’ resurgence, an umpire’s hot mic, updates on defensive-positioning restrictions and the forthcoming pitch clock, and whether the standings will present enough suspense this summer. Finally (1:19:42), they debut a new history segment about an event that took place in the year of the episode number and Stat Blast (1:24:00) about multiple starting pitchers debuting in the same game, an odd pinch-hitting appearance by Darin Ruf, and the most consecutive pitcher innings with the same pitch count (plus a postscript with a few followups).

Audio intro: The Scruffs, “Revenge
Audio outro: Basic Plumbing, “Fantasy

Link to Castellanos clip
Link to Ben on the Castellanos meme
Link to video of the slap
Link to first Pederson video
Link to second Pederson video
Link to Mercury News on the slap
Link to ESPN on the slap
Link to Cincinnati.com on the slap
Link to the NYT on the slap
Link to CBS sports on the fantasy dispute
Link to Gaslamp Ball post
Link to Oakley-Hill dispute story
Link to Pham stabbing story
Link to Pham vs. fans story
Link to Pham vs. Voit story
Link to Pham on the pandemic delay
Link to story on Pham’s slow start
Link to SI Pham profile
Link to Tampa Bay Times Pham profile
Link to Strickland vs. Harper story
Link to Mets rat vs. raccoon story
Link to hot-mic tweet
Link to Stark on rules changes
Link to FG Playoff Odds
Link to Joe Posnanski on the standings
Link to Marc Normandin on the standings
Link to New York Clipper, 8/9/1856
Link to New York Clipper box score
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to Stathead
Link to Stathead query about two-SP debuts
Link to Stathead query about Ruf’s PH Ks
Link to Cangelosi Stat Blast text
Link to Stat Blast pitch-count data
Link to Pérez’s record game
Link to Trout commissioner story
Link to 1985 Raines story
Link to other 1985 Raines story
Link to Raines bio excerpt
Link to glass delusion wiki
Link to Boswell on big innings
Link to James vs. Boswell story

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